Heplock flush

  1. I was wondering the proper procedures for a heplock flush on a ped pt. ( 10mos) . From my understanding i thought 1cc of NS(first) then heparin 1cc. I flushed the line with NS first then the heparin and it was wrong. I only did it this way because from my understanding you always want to make sure there isn't any meds left over in the line. I know that when an adult has a heplock you always flush the line first prior to administering the med/or if going to flush line with heparin, and then finish it off with 1cc of NS. I wanted to find out what the correct way because i was told my procedure was incorrect.
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  3. by   jillyk*rn

    If it's just a routine flush, with no meds given, 1cc hep flush.

    If you are giving a med through a heplock, it's SASH (saline,med,saline,hepflush).
  4. by   tvccrn
    I have seen it as SASH and the 1cc heplock flush. I have also seen it where you pull off the fluid already in the line until you get a blood in your syringe, without flushing take off that syringe give the med, flush with saline and then with heparin.

    So you can see that every place is different. So my advice is to check with your facilities procedure manual. I know that each place has it own way of doing things and I have come across a few.
  5. by   Dorito
    We have stopped using Heparin at our facility for IV lock flushes. There is no living proof that it keeps lines open any more than saline although I think they flush more often now. I agree with tvccrn- check the policies and procedures in the facility you work in.
  6. by   Undecided7
    This is 2006 right? I think you only use an actual heparin flush with central lines. Of course check your facility policies but maybe they need updating? :Crash: We still see the term "hep lock" used a lot instead of "saline lock" but it's just because it's an old term that people are familiar with- it's still only flushed with saline.
  7. by   Liv1217Sd
    thanks for you relies totally appreciate them!
  8. by   lsyorke
    No heparin needed(only central lines). Saline works just as well as heparin for mechanical flushing without the potential for adverse reactions to the heparin.
  9. by   Gompers
    I'd also say only saline - especially with a pediatric patient. I wouldn't try to "pull back" on it either to clear the fluid, until you get blood - babies have pretty weak veins and this could collapse them pretty easily. Just 1cc of saline is fine for a flush, whether it's just to check the IV or before and after medications.
  10. by   perfectbluebuildings
    The only peripheral IVs we use heparin to flush with are the 24G- like saline first, then less than 1 cc 10 unit- and it does seem to help them stay open longer. Other than that- just the central lines Never heard of the pulling back... interesting to read the different policies, didn't realize there were so many different ways just to flush an IV!
  11. by   ceecel.dee
    We haven't used Heparin for flushes for years (except in central lines or PICC lines).