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I know that I am not the only nurse who is no longer working as a nurse due to a back injury. In the US, OSHA requires that you be able to lift 50 lbs to work on the floor as a nurse. I can't. My... Read More

  1. by   discarded APN
    maah, Are you kidding me? $2,000 total assets??? We're not wealthy, I'm a nurse and my husband is duty disability retired, but! we worked hard and saved and I really don't want to loose our home!!!!

    I received a letter from my LTD company once again pushing me to apply for SSD. They are even willing to submit my medical records and hire an attorney. Until now, nobody ever mentioned that $2,000 maximum asset limit for eligiblility. That pretty much knocks most people out of the running. I'm sure that includes owing a home and car as an asset? My 401K would have to be gone and anything else that my husband and I worked for over the years. Never would have thought that saving for retirement would/could be considered a luxury.

    Maybe I'll apply anyway and let them turn me down. I started writing a book about disposable nurses, that's the working title anyway. I can add SSD rejection to the list. After they fired me for being disabled my former employer also turned me down for unemployment coverage, because I was unable to fill 15% of the available positions in the area. I hear a lot about "the laws out there to protect people from that sort of thing" (being terminated while ondisability). It just involves so much energy (which I don't have, but luckily my attorney does) and takes so much time to attempt to enforce these laws that most people just don't. Makes you think that maybe some of these laws (ADA) are urban legends or at least fractured fairy tales. sigh! It shouldn't be this hard.

    Well this is quite a bummer. Here's a happy thought. I have my first grandchild. A little girl born 6 weeks ago, the day before my birthday. She's beautiful and when things look really bleak, just looking into that tiny face with the huge blue eyes really brightens things up. Maybe they'll come visit today. Had to leave this with sharing a happy thought.

    mattsmom, I'm not feeling so brave at this point. Thank you for the compliment. I'm reading much more bravery on this site by others in this situation. We need to lean on each other's bravery and stick together. It's that strength in numbers thing.
    Okay, I'm better now. Thanks once again for listening.
  2. by   mercykitten
    Maah, thanks for your input and your offer for help for others in the position of applying for SSD.

    discarded APN, going on and apply for whatever help you can. If you have any trouble (get rejected by the federal govt.), talk to your Congressman or Senator or all. The laws are supposed to help us.

    Maybe we all want get the best deal out of this, BUT together we can work to change things so that other nurses won't go through what we have.
  3. by   mercykitten
    The last sentence in my previous post should read:
    "Maybe we all CAN'T get the best deal out of this, BUT together we can work to change things so that other nurses won't go through what we have.
  4. by   P_RN
    I have SSD. It took 2 humiliating years to be approved. They sent me to doctors and a psychiatrist. The money is nice but I will never forget what they put me through.

    I get 1300 a month before taxes.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    I'm not applying for the insurance end (SSI) just the disability. (SSD). I believe if you want INSURANCE coverage for meds and treatments, you must have $3000 or less in family asets NOT including your home and car, from what I read. So yes, to receive the whole kit and kaboodle, you will need to be pretty much destitute as far as bank accounts, 401K's. I don't think they look at your IRA's.

    Anywho, I just applied for the disability income which will come out to be around what PRN's is....$1300 a month before taxes by my statement from SSA a few months back. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed for me.!

    Am I close PRN or do I have the info wrong? Here's how I understand it: The disability income has nothing to do with your assets, just your inability to have gainful employment due to health disability.

    Maah, you must have applied for 'both ends' of things...SSD, and SSI. Or else I'm totally misunderstanding this!

    Congrats on the grandbaby Discarded! I look forward to having one of my own someday! Babies are good for our tired old souls aren't they? LOL!

    I know what you all mean about not having the energy and feeling so humiliated. I've decided to look at all this as a challenge rather than a defeat and it's helping my attitude a little. (Or maybe it's the drugs the doc has me on...let's see...Prozac, Vicodin, Soma, Ultram, Remuron...and a few more for good measure...LOL!)

    Gotta laugh at ourselves once in awhile right?
  6. by   mercykitten
    Been working a bit of a stretch of 12 hrs shifts. Then tonight the night monitor tech called in. But someone else got pulled to our floor so I could go home (and write you).
    Wanted to let you all know that I have been thinking about you all this week....I am hoping that we can keep this dialogue is so helpful.
    Got a job possibility at my hospital. Hope that they don't suddenly decide to add lifting requirements. As someone else said a few postings back, the employer may be afraid of adding to insurance costs. but since I already work there, that shouldn't be a consideration.
    Everyone hanging in there?
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Hi Mercykitten....share with us this job you're looking at...what will you be doing? Is it a nursing job with more money? (I HOPE!) I will keep you in my prayers...and that the job will be offered to you with 'no strings attached!'

    I am wrapping up this SSD paperwork. It's taken me two weeks to wade through it...of course I have to rest and can't sit over a table for long periods of I'm sure this is why it takes so long for me.

    I have a question for PRN or others who have won their SSD case....should I just go ahead and ask my husband to submit the form on friend's and family's observations? Or wait until the SSD people ask for it? Does it matter if I do it now or??

    Thanks in advance! I am enjoying our dialogue here and hope there may be lurkers who are also benefiting from our discussions! If so, please 'delurk' and join in! :roll
  8. by   P_RN
    Mattsmom, After you have been on the receiving end of SS disability payments for TWO years, you qualify for Medicare. There is a 5 month hold time so really 19 months after you qualify they will send you a Medicare card. If you don't want it return the card. If you do, then keep the card and they will take $54 from your check to pay for Parts A&B.

    Example: I was approved Sept. 2001

    I received a check for retro payments back to the date of injury Nov 1999 PLUS 5 months. So Apr 1 2000 was the date they used as starting SSDI. Then Apr 1 2002 is when Medicare started.

    I don't recall having a family quiz form. I got one asking about daily activities. I mainly just let them take their sweet time. They lost my paperwork 3 times. But finally they gave in! The whole time I never saw a SS person, only the two independent doctors they hired. You'll need a birth certificate and a marriage license for them.

    From then on I get a monthly check. I got Medicare 5 months after I started getting monthly checks. This check is NOT based on income or holdings. There is also SSI which is a supplemental payment for really low income people.
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  9. by   mattsmom81
    Thank you so much for the good information, PRN!

    You know what is injury was in November of '99 too.

    I've been perusing the SSA sight but sometimes it gets a bit confusing...thanks for straightening out a few facts for me.

    I am already noticing I am having a more positive attitude on this Remeron...I have never heard of it before so it must be a new one. It's in a classification of its own, my doc says. Thank God for small favors, right? Less anxiety and fear is always good.

    Thanks again!

  10. by   NURTAIN
    Hi everyone! This post must be an answer to my prayers! I was "let go" from my nursing job in March 2002. I have a claim lodged with Indiana's Workers' Comp Board. I suffered 3 back injuries within a year. Anyway, this last injury I was off work for 6 months & the dr. put me on work restrictions. When I gave them to my DON she took me to the head of Human Resources & together they told me they had nothing for me & goodbye. Needless to say, I was crushed. I will pray for you all & thanks so much for this post.
    Sincerely, Debbie
  11. by   mercykitten
    Nurtain, that is just like me in that I suffered several repeated back injuries. It soon became apparent that I was getting weaker and weaker, couldn't pull pt across bed with draw sheet etc.
    At the point that the hospital was ready to remove me, I went to my doc and demanded physical therapy. I had just been getting flexeril and some time off for repeat injury. When I finished my therapy I was told that I should just be glad that I could do what I could. Lifting pts was a no-no.
    Anyway, my employer let me watch heart monitors.....for a big pay cut.
    Mattsmom, the possibility of a nursing job would be as the employment health nurse at my hospital. The hours would be great, Monday thr Friday, no holidays or weekends. And I would get to work as a nurse again......waiting for a job interview now.
  12. by   mattsmom81
    That's WONDERFUL news, Mercykitten, keep us updated!

    These are the kinds of jobs injured/disabled hospital nurses should/could be offered, IMO: supervisory, case management, chart review, pre-admission or outpatient nurse, employee health, nurse recruitor, scheduling or staffing nurse, surgical/procedure scheduler, hospital bill auditor.....the list goes on. What I DON'T understand is why hospitals prefer to run injured nurses off in many cases, One would think they would gain loyalty from their nurses if staff knew if they were injured, a nurse has a chance to be accomodated in the workplace....

    Hi there,Nurtain, many of us here have been through what you are now experiencing. Keep your chin up, find a good attorney and an empathetic doctor (NOT one whose loyalties are with the hospital...I made THAT mistake.), and demand treatment for your injuries. Don't let anyone bully you into not taking care of yourself!

    Welcome, and please post often!

    These non lifting jobs are SO HARD to find, as there is no shortage of nurses who want to do non-bedside nursing. I interviewed for dozens of them over the past 2 yeard and they always seem to go to a 'better applicant' or one with a few more initials behind their name than me.

    Oh well. Keep pluggin' everyone! And have a GREAT weekend!
  13. by   mercykitten
    Mattsmom, I think one of the reasons that hospitals just let injuried nurses go is that there are a lot more injuried nurses than people think. I know of at least three from my floor in the last three years. Multiple by the number of units/floors we have, and that could be close to 54 nurses. We have 18 units.
    Maybe the number of injuried nurses in the least three years isn't that high, but still that would indicate quite a high number. Also, I am not including in that number the people who suffered an injury and were off for a week or so and came back to work. I know that we do have people who come back to work and avoid lifting whenever possible. They somehow avoided getting lifting restrictions and therefore kept their jobs.....their jobs that pay better than non=nursing jobs.
    Is this the case for you all. Do you know of lots of injuried nurses. Do you know of people working, having cheated their way around restrictions?
    All of us who have posted so far are obviously having to live with our restrictions. But I do hope together that we can make things better for each other. Thanks for all your input.