HELP,.might have been scammed!!!!

  1. Anyone heard of a site called "PEARLSreview Online Nursing Education Center"

    googled TNCC review,.it was the first site,..gave them my Credit Card info,..$69 for access to practice tests,..can't log in,..emailed them re the problem, response,......anyone used this site????

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  3. by   twinmommy+2
    Did you call their phone number, I would want to talk to someone in person.
  4. by   BrnEyedGirl
    ggeeeeeesssss,..just called the number, what sounded like a home answering machine,."You have reached online nursing test center,.this is Kelly,.I'm either on the phone or away from my desk right now,.leave a message and the best time to reach you and I'll call you back,.thank you? aarrggghhhh,.not sounding real great right now,....
  5. by   purplemania
    PEARLS is a legitimate company but I don't know if the website is theirs. I would definitely call someone.
  6. by   GingerSue
    just checked the link

    did you call their number 1-866-865-7277

    They do have an address in St. Petersburg, Florida - have you checked with the Better Business Bureau?
    There is list of names re: their Editorial Board
    And description of their Accreditation with Georgia Nurses Association Continuing Education Review Committee

    can you contact your credit card to stop any more charges? and explain.
  7. by   justme1972
    If you can't get ahold of them, and they are a scam, dispute the charge with your credit card company....most of them offer additional protection if you use the card in a purchase.
  8. by   ZootRN
    Call you credit card company and put a charge on hold until the issue will be resolved.
  9. by   BrnEyedGirl
    oops,.my bad,..sorry didn't know I couldn't post a link to a web site,...

    update,.called the card company,.there will be no more charges on that card,..will discuss the exact charges with them tomorrow,...still no luck with the web site,.and can't find it listed under any of the "accreditation sites",..guess I made a mistake, out everyone!!