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    in this country, we have the right to decide *if* spirituality is a factor in our daily lives and practice or not---and what form it takes, is also a choice. having a ceremony with any religious undertones is inappropriate unless it is a private religious institution. in that case, a person would know what to expect, enrolling in such a college/university.

    since the auditorium is available, it only makes sense that venue is used, not the church. and the director of this program is acting in an intolerant and overbearing way, to say the least. illegal, to say the most--- possibly.

    the "real aspect" of nursing encompasses what we hold dear, to many of us. and christianity either does or does not have its place, based on individual beliefs. i know some very excellent nurses who are non-christian and non-religious. not everyone needs to be religious to practice excellent nursing. it's not a ministry to everyone.

    finally, i am sorry you feel sadness. i feel pride that someone is taking a stand here. this someone is a new nurse, who also has a solid belief system and is standing up for what a majority of class believes is wrong. good for her! good for us!
    i totally & whole heartedly agree with ya here !

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    MICK... I like your style!

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    I was an LPN before going to RN school. As an LPN we had 3 different caps. The 1st was plain white and a burgandy ribbon was added when we reached a "senior" level of proficiency. Our graduation cap had 2 light blue ribbons. My pinning for LPN school was held in a church and my RN pinning was held in my college auditorium. For both we wore our student uniforms which were blue dresses (LPN) and white uniform pants suits (not scrubs) or dresses (RN). We wore dress clothes for LPN graduation and caps and gowns for college. We also received our Nightingale lamps and white bibles at pinning in both programs. Caps were pretty much on the way out when I was in RN school in 1981 and we had the option to wear them or not.
    I've worked in ICU for many years and for several of those I've been fortunate enough to be able to choose my own scrubs. Do I want to wear all white again? NO WAY! But did it hurt me to do it then or to wear white for pinning? NO WAY! I still have my pictures and we looked pretty good. Watch out as there a several facilities going back to nurses wearing all white. Large facitlities in large cities, not just small.
    Why does the idea of this being held in a church bother you so much and what are "pretty significant christian religious overtones"? The church your faculty wants to use...what is it like? Ours was held in a lovely church and the ambiance was much nicer than the pinning held in the school auditorium. The church added dignity and grace to the ceremony. Not because there was any specific religious service as part of my pinning, but because it was a beautiful building with lovely architecture.
    Some responders have stated there are many nurses practicing who don't hold a fundamental belief in GOD. I don't believe that. I believe in that old military adage that there are no atheists in a fox hole. You can't be an effective nurse if you don't have a basic belief in a higher order. Without this you can't survive over the long haul and you sure can't help your patients with their needs. Read all the latest. Docs are finally catching on to what those of us in the trenches have known for a long time, spirituallity affects your health and healing. You don't have to be a christian to paricipate in a pinning ceremony in a christian church any more than I have to be Greek Orthodox to enjoy a friend's wedding at her church or in a synagogue or temple. So if they say a prayer that doesn't fit your beliefs? Say a prayer you feel is suitable If you're an agnostic & don't pray, enjoy a moment of stillness and think about something that makes you happy.
    One person who responded gave a history of nursing dress that relates to nuns. I'm not familiar with that part of the history and am not doubting the writers accuracy. The point here being that it's still our current history. Because we've changed in our everyday work wordrobe, why do we need to change our history? What do you call those stupid caps and gowns for college graduations? Talk about out dated! I didn't hear any complaints about them and I don't know of any colleges that let you walk without wearing them.
    And push come to shove you can do what a coworker of mine used to do. She was always going to social functions that required evening attire which is pricey. She just hid the tags, taped the bottom of the shoes, wore the items and then returned them. Not a practice I care far as I've been in stores and found the stuff with perfume and makeup all over it. But, it's an opton
    Don't sweat the small stuff. In the long run that's what this is. Be proud of yourself for all the hard work you've done to get through your nursing program. And all the crap. All the programs are full of crap and busy work.
    Welcome to nursing. We can use all the help we can get. If you go to work at a place where the "nurses eat their young", run as fast as you can. There are MANY places out there where this is no longer done/allowed/tollerated.
    don't some of you get what the original poster's (& a number of her other classmates') problem is? if they don't want to hold their pinning/graduation ceremony in a church with christian over (or under) tones...then they have every right to change the venue. state funded school & religious programs have no business mixing together...we see this more & more everyday in the news in some sort. why or how hard is it to understand that! this isn't about religion (christian or otherwise)...but about control...plain & simple. this director wants to control a bunch of females as much & as long as he see fit....particularlly with the whole white dress & cap issue!!!! he wants their submission :angryfire!!!!!!!!!!!

    wanting to make change isn't about being *un-humble*, *unappreciative*, *disrespectful*, & *ungrateful*. it's not about *ambiance* either ...give me a break! it's about what this set of students want regarding their ceremony. i find the director of this school to be wayyyyyyyyy out of line...especially when it comes to him telling the students that if they don't participate in the pinning ceremony (which is scheduled to be held within a christian church with prayers & such)...that they would be banned from participating in the commencement ceremony because the pinning ceremony is counted as attendance & if you miss it then..... i believe the other thing he's threatening not sending their graduation info over to the sbon/ the very least....delaying their possibility of sitting for the nclex-rn over their heads. i think he's gone wayyyyyyyyy over the line...i believe that's called blackmail folks; & to that end, i say...fight him & his mid-evil (or queen victoria) period mentality every step of the way. how or why any paying student (or parent) would stand for this i'll never know ever. the cost of loans/tuition is far too expensive for this kind of nonsense...heck high school seniors have more of a say about their schools' dances/ceremonies than this jerk is willing to give responsible adult learners! the posters who go along with this director's *vision* are, imo, just as :uhoh21: mad (as in crazy) as he is~~ :angryfire! there's nothing spiritual about it. this man is beyond consertive....he's controlling! mind, many of our so-called 'consertive american citizens' have been noted to be just as controlling when it comes to their beliefs (as they want pushed) regarding the policies of country...but that's another arguement for another forum & soooo i've digressed.

    i just can't understand how soooooo many people here just *skipped* over or choose not to understand the entire point of the original poster's complaint about control...i'll never know!!!

    and don't get me started on the uniform tradition(s)........the pinning venue is bad enough. the day he makes the male nursing graduates wear white dresses & caps will be the day it's o.k. for everyone to where such costumes! white dresses & caps customs should only be worn if the graduates all want to wear's an out-dated tradition that's no longer necessary period. there are a lot of *old* traditions that were banned/outlawed (at the very worst)...& were politically incorrect (at the very best) in this country...i don't have to start listing those do i? let's see....ummm...i don't know like...slavery, jim crow laws, & lynchings that were banned/ about sensitive subjects i.e. race, sex/sexual orientation, & religion that are still being fought over now. most progressive bsn programs don't go there anymore....why is this particular adn program stuck in such backward a** times?

    rach, i hope you & your classmates find a happy medium where everyone wins ~ cheers!
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    It seems that pinning cermonies have varying levels of involvement with the professors. At mine, the class chose the location, the MC, the caterer, the DJ, etc. We financed it by charging for the tickets. We wore what we wanted, and professors were there by invitation only and we voted on who to invite. We only invited a few of our favorites anyway. The mindset was that the pinning ceremony was all about us and our achievements. We got to choose who pinned us, and most of us chose either a spouse or parent. Some had more than one person up there to pin them. As we were pinned, one of our favorite professors read little notes that each of us wrote in thanks for our families, etc for supporting us. After all the pins were presented we had a few awards and such, and then we went on to food and dancing.

    I really think some of the posts in this thread have gone in the wrong direction. The OP states that it is the students' desire to have their pinning ceremony in a different way than the tradition. Some of the posts have hinted that SHE is somehow the problem and has been attacked over religious beliefs and wanting to be cute, rather than follow the tradition. The main point here is that she's speaking on behalf of what the whole class wants and there should be some way for them to have a say-so in THEIR ceremony.

    The original reason for the thread to seek advice on what to do, not to defend, wasn't it?
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    Why try to buck the system when you could all just agree not to dress the way they want. At that point in your education all criteria has been met and they can not withhold your diploma because you refuse to dress a certain way. OMG with the hats, where do you go to school? The administration should really come into this day and age. When was the last time you saw a nurse wear a hat? I cannot remember when.
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