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I am a travel RN and I began working on this particular med-surg unit in Oct. Around November I was asked if I wanted to sign a new contract that would carry me through Apr. '08 and I said yes. ... Read More

  1. by   Mulan
    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    No, as a traveler you contact your recruiter and clinical liaison. Everything should be handled through the agency.

    Oh. And document the crap out of all of this...

    Yeah, and if the agency doesn't do anything or sides with the hospital?

    I would definitely talk to someone else, if not human resources then the CEO.

    That is unacceptable behavior regardless of whether one is an employee or not.
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  2. by   EmmaG
    Quote from Mulan
    Yeah, and if the agency doesn't do anything or sides with the hospital?
    If the agency does nothing, then you need to find another employer. Whether they find their nurse at fault or not depends upon the situation.

    I would definitely talk to someone else, if not human resources then the CEO.
    Not a good idea, but I'll just agree to disagree with you here.

    That is unacceptable behavior regardless of whether one is an employee or not.
    Of course it is. It just has to be handled the correct way, that's all.
  3. by   Mulan
    Yeah, I guess we'll have to disagree.

    If I was treated that poorly and my agency didn't stand behind me, I would not only find another employer, I would also file a complaint where it would make a difference. Nursing management may not care that agency nurses are treated that way, but I'm sure someone higher in the food chain may think differently.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    Work with your agency and clinical liason to make sure that this is noted as well as your efforts to rectify the situation.
    A possible reason for the recent onset of this - depending on the part of the country you are in, many hospitals are currently cutting their contracts with travelers because of a lower than usual patient census. They may well be "setting you up" to either quit or be let go "for cause", thereby saving the hospital money for cancelling the contract. Unethical, but does happen, and especially since you mention this is new behavior and you had just negotiated a raise for the extension.
    Just be aware of this possibility and be sure you have a little extra money saved to get you by if this does occur.
  5. by   caliotter3
    You need to leave this place as expeditiously as possible whether or not you have the blessings and assistance of your agency. You have described to them a hostile workplace and it is not a good idea to try to stick it out without some kind of assurance that the situation will stop. You can find another agency if the present one will not help you. This is one of the perils of travel nursing, and one of the reasons why I decided a long time ago not to even try travel nursing. Good luck.
  6. by   TRAMA1RN
    Having experienced this myself GET THE HELL OUT! AS FAST AS YOU CAN! My experiece is you are the influx and no one feels they need to pay you any loyalty. Good luck!
  7. by   goodgyrl
    There is definitely something wrong on this unit because 50% of the workforce are new grads and the other 50% are travelers/agency. They are interviewing nurses like crazy but I don't see anyone new.

    One good reference I do have is that prior to coming to this floor, I was on another floor at the same hospital and never had one complaint. That's why I'm interested in preserving my good reputation and therefore I'm considering going to human resources to let them know of this hostility I face which is totally unwarranted.

    I am a nice person, quiet who keeps to herself and someone there has decided that they don't like me and have succeeded at making my workday unpleasant. I already have sick patients to care for and now all of this.
  8. by   goodgyrl
    p.s. I also plan to leave asap. I just want my name cleared first.
  9. by   goodgyrl
    Unfortunately there isn't a union at this hospital. But fortunately for me, my work history speaks for itself and I've never had accusations like these before now.

    I've called my recruiter at my travel agency to ask for the clinical liaison. I'm presently awaiting a telephone call back from them.
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  10. by   blueheaven
    Quote from goodgyrl
    Thanks so much for your posts. I have contacted my agency but they haven't gotten back to me yet. The thing about agencies is that they are all about the money and I'm hoping that they won't believe/side with the hospital. I am a very quiet person and pretty much stay to myself to avoid getting caught up in clicks and this has opened me up as a target (I presume). Also I'm too busy caring for the patients and I am very thorough with paperwork so I don't have extra time for socializing. But I am definitely going to look up their policies on workplace harassment and proceed from there.

    It makes me upset about all of this drama because I had just worked out a pay change with my agency for $4.00 more on the hour which was to begin at the start of my 2nd contract in Jan.'08. But I am thinking of my license and I don't trust the Nurse Manager or the Clinical Team Member here and I need to make a decision accordingly.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much difficulty with your assignment. Thing is, many places allow people to act like ---holes without recourse. This is definately a harrassment complaint. Also I have heard from other travelers and agency nurses that they get the same treatment at other facilities and that is why they have difficulty getting help.
    Maybe next time, you could post here about a particular hospital before taking an assignment to try and get some feedback before you sign on.
    BTW, we are thankful for our agency nurses when we can get them!!
  11. by   HappyJaxRN
    Wow...that's all around bad! Yeah, can you speak to your agency about getting you a new assignment? It might be worth the trouble to be taken off this assignment. That's too much for ANYONE to handle. Get out!