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This is really not to put any profession down but I've dreamed of being a nurse for soooo long, now only to discover that before entering my LVN program, I have to get the CNA title first! I am... Read More

  1. by   KABSAMRN
    I Was A Cna In A Ltc Facility For A Few Years Before I Went To Nursing School And I Worked As A Tech On The Med/surg Floor. I Think The Experience Really Helped Out In Nursing School. You Can Learn So Much About Patient Care And Usually There Is Always A Wondrerful Nurse Who Remembers What It Was Like To Be In School Who Will Give You Advice And Try To Teach You Something.
    Take Your Cna Course, Go To Nursing School And Follow Your Dreams!
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    wow, you really hit the nail on the head. Nice job
    not sure who this post is directed at - question - would it be possible to that we leave at least a few sentances to remind of where its directed - sorry - i get confused especially when so many posts - just an idea - thanks.
  3. by   EmerNurse
    In nursing, everyone has some task or other that isn't up there on their list of favorites. Including changing briefs. My suggestion... if you find something that you notice you'd rather not do - to the point of spending more time finding someone else to do it, rather than do it yourself.. then force yourself to do it. Get good (and fast) at it. Do I love cleaning up poop? Course not. But I do it, and I do it well and quickly. Patient appreciates it, and it's overwith. Then I'm not worrying about it anymore, because it's done.

    For the poster who said "that why they have CNA's, right?" in reference to why nurses don't change briefs.. um NO. We have CNA's because patient care and nursing has required ever more paperwork, JACHO tasks, etc that has taken nurses from the bedside. All of this stuff is in the RN scope of practice, but cannot be in the CNAs. CNA's do much basic care that allows RNs, then, to meet requirements for documentation, accredidation (sp?), etc. The other alternative would be to lower the ratios to allow nurses to do it all, and to facilities, hiring CNAs is cheaper.

    Make no mistake - every single thing in a CNAs scope of practice is also in an RNs scope. And the bottom line is patient care.. ALWAYS.
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    I think that we have been harsh on EACH OTHER. The original poster stated that she didn't realize that she had to change poo as a nurse. Another CNA who stated that she enjoyed her patients for the most part, but hates certain aspects of it. Bottom line is that they are being honest with their feelings whether we like it or not. Nursing does ask that we look into ourselves and see how we feel about certain situations or clients. We have to be honest with ourselves also and know that even as incumbant, caring nurses, we do not walk around 24/7 being so 'nurseier than thou' that we have a halo around our heads and harps in our hands with each person that we encounter. Venting is therapeutic and helps us to cope. Maybe the original poster realized that nursing is not for her. Or, maybe she may decide to be a nurse that is a bit more removed from most of the dirty aspects of the job. We have nurses that go high up the food chain in order to avoid changing crap. ANd, my brief experience as a nurse has shown me that at times, we may have a person that is a staunch advocate on one thing, but intentionally negligent in another. Not saying that anyone here is this way because we don't know each other...but I have seen those change poo and then decide not to give pain medication because it became too involved.

    All I am saying is that let's just tell people who feel like this the real deal and not assume that this is a person that is not compassionate. It may be because they were not placed in the situation to extend themselves, yet, or realizing just how far that extension sometimes goes.
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  5. by   VeniceMaylea
    it is kinda unpleasant of course, dealing with POOP n all but reality is... its part of nursing... but just the thought that you're helping them out and makin them feel better is what matters most... juz imagine they are ur family members.. ur grandparents...maybe even think.. this pt could b you someday.. u would want someone to take care of you and clean u up...they are embarassed enough that ur gonna hav to do it for them... because at one point in their lives.. they were tell me.. what made you dream to be a nurse?
  6. by   VeniceMaylea
    reaon i asked.. what made you dream to be a nurse.... is cause maybe u can focus more on what u liked about nursing... and pay less attention on other things you dont. k hope u make the right decision...
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    Seems like this tread has run its course and numerous aspects explored and discussed. Closing for now.