1. I'm an RN board passer but my license is being held from me for reasons of a family complaint filed against me while i was still practicing in a nursing home. It has been 9 months but i have not received any news as to the status of my case. I have tried contacting the BRN for any updates but i was given no word as to the matter. I am constantly in touch with my previous employer but even they have not heard from the BRN. My name is not in the "wanted lists" either, what shall i do? I tried consulting legal help but even they can't help bec they said i have no case until i hear from the board. I feel so helpless esp. bec. i've been judged without prior trial, where is justice here? HELP!
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  3. by   realnursealso/LPN
    I don't know the answer to your question, but just wanted to tell you I'm sorry. Hope you get it figured out real soon. What was the complaint? Was it valid, or just a disgruntled family member? I guess I would try to get ahold of the paperwork regarding the complaint, and go over it. And keep trying to get ahold of the nursing board in your state. Keep us updated and God Bless you
  4. by   fugitiveRN
    The complaint was about me 'not catering' to her dying brother's need. She accuses me of being uncaring and unprofessional with her dying brother. I had 24 other patients waiting for their meds(it was med pass time) and she wanted me to sit by her dying brother!The problem could have been solved if she had told me i offended her by my actions-i would have apologized immediately.Unfortunately she complained to the BRN without first confronting me,to cut the story short, my license got held without any investigation over the matter
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Hmm, do you work in the States? I was under the impression that here in the States, a State Board of Nursing cannot hold your license unless they have a "hearing". Correct me if I am wrong. Pretty Harsh punishment for such a complaint. Usually disgruntled family members go to the Administration of the facility before the Board of Nursing. Good Luck!

  6. by   fugitiveRN
    Yes i am in the US specifically in CA, i thought so too that i should get a "hearing" prior to any conviction. Honestly speaking bec of what happened, i've lost faith in the nsg. profession. Right now i'm looking into the possibility of changing career but not that far off the medical field, who knows this might be a blessing in disguise! I still am trying to look at the bright side of things eventhough it's really hard at this point
  7. by   debbyed
    If it were me I'd be sitting in the Board of Nursing Office with a lawyer. Hope things get better for you. Are you close enough to the border of another state to apply to that state? Might be worth a shot.
  8. by   Jenny P
    Get yourself a lawyer and have him/her request the paperwork for this complaint. In Minn. that would be illegal for the BON to withhold your license; so something is not quite right here. If you have paid your fees, took the NCLEX, and were told that you had passed the boards, there is legal protection for you and you should be allowed to work.
  9. by   P_RN

    According to this site any license discipline should be decided in 4-6 weeks if you have presented all evidence/documentation. If it has been longer, call. If they have not reviewed in that time, I would think you need a lawyer.

    I don't think you should wait for a nurse-attorney. You need to start calling around for an attorney immediately. If the facility told you that you could work without a license, it would seem they too need investigating.
  10. by   thisnurse
    i agree...get an attorney
  11. by   VickyRN
    Your compelling story is precisely why I would NEVER work in a nursing home setting. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the elderly and working with geriatrics I enjoy--just cannot handle the 25--50 patient load--too many lives on my watch, too much responsibility, too much liability--in short, THIS JOB IS NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Staffing in nursing homes is a national disgrace and desperately needs to be addressed on state and federal levels. Legislation for SANE staffing needs to be instituted!!! Our elders deserve better!!! In the meanwhile, I love my license and sanity too much to even consider working in a nursing home!
  12. by   fugitiveRN
    To this date, my case is still unsettled. From the DCA(dept of consumer affairs) point of view, investigation was well. No harm was done and i did my job per nursing procedure. Unfortunately the board has not decided still on the matter while i remain out of status as a nurse They said they don't have a timetable when they'll attend to the case, it's been a year a month now!Is that fair?
  13. by   Teshiee
    Healing touch you were reading my mind. I did work in a nursing home as a LVN and what you said is the truth. I called the Board of nursing and they did tell me that you while you are being investigated you can work until they come back with a decision. It seem pretty harsh for them to keep you in suspense like that. I agree with all theyse nurses get a LAWYER you will be suprised how fast things move along then. I am sorry makes you wonder? I truly hope everything works out for you. Could you please keep us posted? I do hope you be a nurse like us :-)
  14. by   fugitiveRN
    Today i've just made queries if i'd be eligible for the lvn program while my case is still pending with the enforcement for rn. They said they'll take a look at it but they also don't have a definite answer if i can really apply. My finances are really down on the drain now and no one seems able to help I appreciate all your concerns and encouragement, that keeps me going usually. Thank you.