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Okay, all I want to be is a nurse who cares and does her best... and this is all getting to me. I have seen countless people die and have taken care of them until the end. I was able to maintain a... Read More

  1. by   Dr. Kate
    Adriene you're the nurse I want with me when I die.
    I have always looked on preparing the body as the last thing I can do for someone. It's esp. true when with a patient who is special to me in some way. Long ago preparing the body was a task that often fell to the not quite next of kin women in a family or community. Nowdays, nurses are that community that gently prepares people for their next passage. It is a privilege.
  2. by   chrisrob
    if you ever stop caring and crying its time to get out some patients touch your hearts in a special way ad at the end you pray for a peaceful for them they derseve it and they deserve someone looking after them who cares Adriene your a good nurse don't change love and hugs