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Recently the hospital in which I work began a policy of not allowing any food, drink, or personal materials (i.e. books, pictures, etc) out visible in any patient care area. So now, not only can we... Read More

  1. by   PeggyOhio
    At the facility were I work we also are not permitted any food or drinks at the nurses station. We were told it is JACHO regulations and if they made an unannounced inspection and found it it would be a tens of thousands of dollar fine. We do have a "report room" close by that we can keep a drink in. But finding the time to go get it is something else again! There is also a water fountain on the floor were you can get a quick slurp.

  2. by   undoneRN
    Originally posted by woodyRN:
    As I initially said, Thanks for ALL of the responses. Anyone following can see a variety of approaches to this question. Although it may seem trivial to some of you, it is just part of the negative work environment we are facing daily. As to the dread OSHA/JCAHO, I wonder what their actual stance is. With certain exceptions, they rarely dictate exact policy an institution must adopt to comply with a standard.

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    Hello woody,
    I just happened to come across your message. I must say there have been alot of response(s). to your post. I'm lucky I guess because, I can eat anywhere I like. Because I make home visits. I can eat by the lake, the park anywhere, if I get 10 min. to rub together to eat at all. Most of the time I eat behind the wheel of my car. I'm also have logs, charts and contacts to make during these 10 min. to. No Problem. Open containers, food, drinks, whatever I can have them all at my desk, the dash of my road buggy.
  3. by   nurs4kids
    We are allowed drinks at the nurses station, and we eat "snacks" at the station. But meals are not allowed. During JCAHO, nothing is allowed at the desk. I guess these other places figure if they cut out the drinking at the desk, then they can alleviate any need for a restroom break
  4. by   mud
    When I worked on the floors, we could eat at the desk. In fact, there was almost always a basket, or chocolates from pts. I carried my drink on the med card.......What a lame rule that is.
    Mind you, I remember a weird story. One night, a couple of girls made popcorn, the smell went down the hall, and would you believe there was a pt. who rang, she was allergic to popcorn, no kidding. I guess the smells of some things can also be nauseating, and a tease to those who can't eat d/t NPO status........
  5. by   505rn
    Well, to give a rather jaded response, under our former management we were always allowed to have food, water, purses etc. in the nurses station because management did not want to cover the floor while we went to eat or to get a drink (that isn't encouraged as then you have to go to the bathroom, have to say the foley's look pretty good sometimes...). Our newer management is trying to cover but she is slowly losing ground and we are already keeping drinks and when she isn't there food is...
  6. by   moonshadeau
    Went to the doctor today, dehydrated. Somehow the doctor couldn't believe that I didn't have time during my busy day to be able to drink at least four ounces of water every two hours. Yes, let me ignore the needs of six critical patients to run out of my way to get a drink of water, or better yet to go to the bathroom. If I was allowed to have the drink closer than the breakroom maybe dehydration wouldn't be an issue. Maybe this is just a broken wheel that won't ever be fixed.
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    Dear woody,

    Where I work the cafeteria food is so lousy no to mention outrageously expensive(2.15 for a cheesburger!) that the staff on my 3-11 shift frequently order out. In fact tonight we had KFC! We have our water or pop bottles all over and even have them on our medication carts when we are passing pills. Of course, I always wash my hand upon entering a patients room and right before I leave the patients room as it should be. The hospital atmosphere is so drying and I'm just one of those people that has to have something to drink at all times. of course when Jcaho is coming everything is safely hidden out of sight.
  8. by   taricha
    I agree that if they cut out the drinking at the desk, they need to plan on staff to relieve us for breaks!! I work nights and no way can I leave the care area long enough to have a decent break. Really, folks, BOTTLED WATER ?!? What a non-issue in the overall scheme of things..