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  1. You were not a whimp!!!! This has been very interesting reading. I began a new job on a busy inpatient geripsych unit (fortunately we all are considerate about whoever is pregnant not being involved with getting control of or even having a patient wh...
  2. 505rn

    Antimicrobial Uniforms

    I have heard at work that there is a company that makes uniforms and hospital gowns etc. that are antimicrobial, has anyone else heard of this? If so, what is the name of the company? Thanks ahead of time :-)
  3. 505rn

    Having your water turned off

    Well, to give a rather jaded response, under our former management we were always allowed to have food, water, purses etc. in the nurses station because management did not want to cover the floor while we went to eat or to get a drink (that isn't enc...
  4. 505rn

    A little jUSTICE PLEASE!

    I was a CNA for many years before I got my BSN and thankfully, there are plenty of times that I still work in the role of a CNA. I say this because I vowed to remember how hard CNA's work when I was one and I had a "bad" nurse; although there were al...
  5. 505rn

    training requirements??

    Hello Cyrstal, I used to be a nurses aid in nursing homes until I got my BSN and have been working the last four years on a geripsych unit in the hospital. I am sure that you know that the geriatric population is the fastest growing population and so...
  6. 505rn

    A new site for nurses!

    I visited this site and I LOVE IT!!! There are times when you gotta laugh and there are times when you need to share the special moments which keep us in this field despite the difficulties, and I found things which did both, not to mention having a ...
  7. 505rn

    Deescalating aggression

    I am a geripsych nurse and we had a program called C.P.I. -Crisis Prevention and Intervention -that one of our staff had to become certified in to train the rest of us- a two day training for us. One of the "moves" is one staff on each side of the ag...
  8. 505rn

    Disabled RN Let Go

    HemaStat, Sounds like you have had a rough time of it and I am sorry...the hospital definitely lost out!!! There are many good suggestions here! Have you considered going into Nurse Informatics or plain old information technology, distance education...
  9. 505rn

    Let's play I Remember When.....

    Thank you all so much for this! I really enjoyed reading it and vaguely remember a few things like the MOM and sugar and wounds from my earliest CNA days! I have only been in nursing for 13 years and only 6 of those as an RN but reading this inspired...
  10. 505rn

    Soup for Nurses

    Has anyone else read the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? I have read 3 and they are wonderful and I think that a Chicken Soup for Nurses would be great! (I don't think they already have one...) I sent the following letter via their website and plan...
  11. 505rn

    To stay or not to stay in Nursing

    Don't give up yet!!!! I agree that you may be over extended, life is short and a life in the service is not always conducive to support systems but make time and make some friends, do fun things or volunteer...whatever it takes to replenish yourself...
  12. 505rn

    helping my friend with breast ca

    First off, I would like to say that with staff and friends like you, your ADON is very lucky as support/caring, assistance and prayers can do A LOT for an ill person!!! Good for you!!! Depending upon the type of person your ADON is, some inspiration...
  13. 505rn

    student nurse wants to work with geriatrics

    Hello csnurse, I too love geriatrics! I have been in nursing for 13 years- all working with the elderly! I love it! My suggestions would be #1 do a little reading about the Great Depression and maybe a little about World War II, the Korean war etc., ...
  14. 505rn

    Babyboomer RN

    Hello mdsttob, I wanted to share with you all a positive experience for me. I am an RN, but have been taking care of the elderly as a CNA and an RN for 11 years- I love the age group but giving the care I want to is nearly impossible. I desperately ...
  15. 505rn

    Pain control question

    I think you need to trust your assessment skills- keeping in mind the above posts and taking into consideration the age of the patient, in particular, and, of course, the total physical and mental status of the patient. Is this a geriatric patient wh...