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I am a new grad and its starting to irk many how many times people say: have you found a nursing job yet followed by why haven't you, theres a nursing shortage out there. Other things I've heard is... Read More

  1. by   bstullis
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    As always, I encourage folks to look to the places that do struggle to retain staff: Specifically, rural hospitals a couple hundred miles from the big-city ones.

    That said, they're much easier to get into and can open the door a few years out.

    I wish that were so when I graduated. I applied to many hospitals, including 5+ rural hospitals serving a few hundred (3-5 small towns) with ~50 beds, to serving a few thousand with ~150 beds (numbers serving may be off, the county only had ~5000 people). I couldn't get a job in any of those places. I ended up in Spokane where the economic depression hadn't hit as hard yet, working in a 600+ bed hospital. I was willing to go where I needed to to be able to support my family. Now I have my experience, gaining more in the float pool and will advance my career from here.

    I do agree though that the shortage is experience not just numbers, but where do new-grad nurses get experience? (MED/SURGE)
  2. by   BrandonLPN
    I know I've said this before, but why are so many new grads here acting like the only place they can possibly work is in a hospital? We all know hospital employment is slowing down in many (if not most) places and there are SO MANY other places a nurse can work.
    Heck, hospitals aren't even the highest payers for new grads.

    Maybe nursing schools need to make an effort to offer more clinicals in non-hospital environments? I wonder if the fact that the majority of clinical time is spent in the hospital reinforces the misconception that that is the only place "real" nurses work.
  3. by   Dragonnurse1
    The nursing shortage numbers are a nation-wide total. There are areas where the market is flooded and areas (like mine) where all the hospitals have pages of positions for nurses that need to be filled. Nation-wide there is a nursing shortage provided one is working with a specific nurse to patient ratio. There is no nationally set nurse/patient ratio so some hospitals think a 12+ patient to 1 nurse ratio is acceptable, by using this level of staffing the hospital improves their bottom line. It took 12 years to get a state-wide staffing ratio passed in California (a 5/1 I believe).

    Yes the nursing schools are pumping out new graduates but how many nurses are leaving the field? Of my graduate class less than 50% are still in the field and that has been just in the last 19 years. I too precepted new graduates in the ER in which I worked and found that of the 15, 3 went to the critical care units, 1 stayed in the ER and the remaining 11 went to floors. Most but not all of them needed more that the normal 6 weeks of orientation. Many people are going into nursing for the wrong reasons, now it is about the money not the desire to care for others.

    When someone asks you about finding a job "because there is a nursing shortage" do not try to explain why, they do not really care, just tell them - I'm working on it but with this economy........ and then change the subject. Sometimes, for reasons that escape me, if the person is employed the statement is designed to make themselves feel better and a little superior to you.

    Just one more comment, in my state an RN is an RN, the ASN, ADN and the BSN are all equal. Given the choice of new grads the ASN/ADN is hired first because the university that graduates the ASN/ADN has a higher board passing rate than the university that graduates the BSN's. I considered doing a ASN to MSN program but I hate management and unfortunately for me I developed a severe latex allergy before I could start the ASN to NP program.
  4. by   Esme12
    The nursing "shortage" right now is based on "projected" numbers of "baby boomers" leaving the field which we have failed to do because of losing our behinds on our 401K's. The staffing ratios that were supposed to have been passed into law got shelved when the economy crashed and there were more important things to be concerned about in congress. Some of us have husbands that have lost their jobs and have children still at home (late bloomers) that have to go to college. There is no shortage right now in most of the country.

    This "shortage" will return but the new estimates are not until 2020. The new graduate now that cannot find work will have already moved on and there will still be vacancies that will need to be filled. It has happened before, although not to this magnitude, and will happen again. Nursing is cyclical that way.
  5. by   RNsRWe
    I've noticed that over the years, hospital administrators will point to a "nursing shortage" when explaining to unhappy patients why their nurses are running crazed and have a too-heavy patient load. Administration will say they are trying to get more nurses in order to appease the dissatisfied patients/family members, but in reality are NOT looking to hire anyone at all.

    It has become obvious to anyone paying attention that the "nursing shortage" perceived by the general public is because they are FED that information erroneously. I've noticed that hospital supervisors love nothing better than to be understaffed on every shift to save the $$ from that "extra" nurse or aide....thereby keeping their budgets down and the nurses feeling like they got screwed again--but wait! Help is coming! Hospital ZZ is going to be hiring more new grads!

    Oh, please. They don't, the shifts remain understaffed, and people still think that the answer to this is to push more people through nursing school. Really?
  6. by   PrayeRNurse
    I am working my way up from CNA, LPN, RN, and soon to be BSN. Do you see a difference in those that have been a RN before becoming a BSN over the BSN only? I am good at paperwork, however I am good at the bedside also. I really don't see a shortage where I live. I wish it would happen! I want a job. ( I am taking time off for my BSN)
  7. by   PrayeRNurse
    Hope you find work soon!