Have you ever been threatened?

  1. I have been threatend several times by Nurse Managers.
    The first was 2 C/O of neglect by A&O residents, reported to DON, told me to do write up on hearsay, I refused stating that policy said he had to investigate, he wrote me up for failure to follow through ADON who was present, responded to my question " would you rather I report this to State, by placing her hand upon my knee and saying very nicely "by all rights you can do that, but let me caution you, you never know what the State may find" I quit on the spot.
    The 2nd time I followed the Dr. order instead of the DON, involving MRSA contamination to a facilty, 2 days later presented with patient complaint
    (that never happened, totally false) terminated me and told if I make waves complaint would be presented to State. I have not notified the State in either circumstance because I am afraid of putting my license in jeopardy. But saw on news more people dying from MRSA and feel really torn, what would you do? :uhoh21:
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  3. by   sharona97
    Document, keep track of all conversations, assessments, discussions, anything and everything to protect yourself. I hear you about your concern with your license, but documentation and a paper trail is always helpful in your behalf.

    Good Lucj
  4. by   morte
    ...and avoid any meetings without a witness......
  5. by   sharona97
    Quote from morte
    ...and avoid any meetings without a witness......
    For sure! Good point.
  6. by   TazziRN
    Definitely have a witness. If the PTB refuse to meet with you if you have a witness, point out that it is your right to have one. If they still refuse, pull out a tape recorder and say "Then you won't mind if I tape the conversation?"
  7. by   RN1989
    If you have the documentation of their failings, I would say go ahead and report them. Chances are they don't have much of a case against you, you on the other hand may have LOTS of info the state would love to have to shut down their little shenanigans.
  8. by   nursingisworkRN
    Also on the write ups I would probably attach an addendum with my side of the incident and that signature implies receipt of report only and not agreement of events. Refer to addendum. And yes, ALWAYS have a witness.