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  1. nursingisworkRN

    Cultural Care for European Americans

    ok for a quick review this isn't case anybody else needs info like this!
  2. nursingisworkRN

    Cultural Care for European Americans

    Hello! I am hoping that somebody out there can help me! I am currently working on a powerpoint presentation on Cultural Assessment of European Americans. I need to include a section on physical assessment issues specific for this group. Any ideas...
  3. The ones that can pay but WON'T are the bigger problem in my eyes. Plenty of people with no resources that rely on emergency services would pay if they could, but the many that can and don't are likely why collections are in force. VERY hard to col...
  4. nursingisworkRN

    Ever have a blood bag explode?

    NEVER! And we use the pressure cuffs too! EEKIES! One of my nursing instructors back in the day had a bloodbag that had some type of rubber band for pressure shoot the spike tubing out and splatter her. She said the pt looked up and told her she ...
  5. nursingisworkRN

    UAB ER nurses

    :lghmky:I am a dork, but thought it was pretty cute. Gonna look at the rest!
  6. nursingisworkRN

    What should be done about this? Unbelievable backstabbing...

    I am sure that you realize the age old saying, but it bears repeating to yourself over and over..... "It's not about me." Clearly she has issues and will likely lose some sleep over the lashing she will likely get about professional conduct. Plus,...
  7. nursingisworkRN

    Lavage and the GI bleed

    Our ED is the same as Stardogdaisy. Oh yeah, and don't forget the dual 16g :wink2:. Last guy I had was young with a hemocue of 5, and he got 14's. He had to wait in the ED for 12 hours, and I think he liked the lavage. At least, he asked me to d...
  8. nursingisworkRN

    If you could make everyone a nurse, would you?

    NO WAY! It takes a very special kind of person to do what we do and do it so well. Not everybody CAN do what we do. I wouldn't want just anybody caring for me or a loved one. I do not expect the world, or most of my friends and family, to understand...
  9. nursingisworkRN

    Am I ready for a trauma I center?

    Have you looked into their training programs, both for new grads and for experienced nurses? I would say to stick with the ER that has the most comprehensive training program and offers the most education. Also consider the importance of teamwork in...
  10. nursingisworkRN

    "You put me and my unborn child's life at risk"

    Am I wrong to assume that when the pt md was rounding she should have seen the pt? If she hadn't yet, then you gave her a heads up. If so, then she was already exposed and probably should have done a better pt assessment the first time. Either way,...
  11. nursingisworkRN

    Does your ED/ER hire new grads? (and related ?s)

    To answer your question: 1. Yes 2. Year round, depending on dates of new grad orientations which are every 8-12 weeks. All new grads will start in new grad orientation, the ED has I believe 4-6 months of training for new grads, 10 weeks for expe...
  12. nursingisworkRN

    dirty scruabs

    In my house, we really only worry about shoes and hands. Shoes off (and on) at the doorstep, and hands washed immediately. I will go grocery shopping or on a quick errand in my scrubs, mainly because by the time I go home and change I am not going b...
  13. nursingisworkRN

    Staring the AM

    CONGRATS! And Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your new career and, of course, spending holiday time with the family!
  14. nursingisworkRN

    'average' patient/staff ratio?

    In our hospital, we are not paired with the techs. RNs can have 4 pts at at time, but the techs are assigned by rooms and have more than 4 pts. On a busy day when we are full++, I don't want to know how many pts the tech's are assigned to. Of cour...
  15. nursingisworkRN

    Lost Nurse

    Good for you for recognizing your discontent and having the courage to move on. My suggestion: write a list of qualities you want in your job and find a place that will work with those. Be extremely is hard enough without the dread. ...