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This is not a Nursing issue, but I had a very bad night tonight. First I get to work and get a phone call about 1930 from my husband that my Mare is in foal and something is wrong. I've had her... Read More

  1. by   catrn10
    I wanted you update all you fine people. Khaia is still alive, still hasn't passed the afterbirth and I am calling the vet this am. But the good news is that she is passing stool, urinating, and eatting. If we can just get her cleaned out , and she doesn't get an infection, I think she'll live. I have hope for the first time in days...Cat
  2. by   Mkue
    Great news Cat !! I've been following your story and hoping for the BEST !

    Keep us posted.

  3. by   spineCNOR
    Good news that your friend Khaia is doing better--please keep us updated. Sending positive thoughts to Khaia and you.
    God bless :kiss
  4. by   Tweety
    Hugs to you. I'm glad she seems to be doing better. Poor sweetie.
  5. by   researchrabbit
    How wonderful ! I am soooooo glad she is better.
  6. by   tiger
    great news. hope all continues to go well.
  7. by   catrn10
    I called the vet, Khaia finally passed the placenta. I am to continue giving the antibiotics and barring any unforseen complications(like a massive infection), she looks like she is going to be ok. I am so happy and thank all of you from the depths of my heart for your caring and support. I love this place!...Cat
  8. by   tiger
    happy dance!
  9. by   Zee_RN
    Whew. I sighed an audible breath of relief when I read your post "I have hope for the first time..." What an ordeal!! Your horse is your family; of course you would react differently than you would with a patient! Thank God you are per diem and can tell work to just *wait*!

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Prayers for you and your horse!
  10. by   Keely-FutureRN
    Oh! That is so sad! There are alot of ranches and farms in utah (mainly down south) and I can totally understand your pain! I love horses and don't know what I'd do without them! (((((((hugs to you and your mare))))))).

  11. by   imenid37
    wow that's so awful for you. i am a cat person, but love other animals too. i don't know what to say but i am so sorry you had this experience.
  12. by   spineCNOR
    HOORAY! Thanks for the good news- glad to hear that Khaia is on the road to recovery!
  13. by   hoolahan
    I agree with MelD Cat, I am sure on some level Khaia understood what you had to do, and I am also sure that she sesnses your complete and unconditional love for her now as you see her through this ordeal.

    I can not imagine having to do what you did, but it had to be done. I will keep you and your family and Khaia in my prayers.