Has anyone received their license after submitting declaratory for bipolar?

  1. I checked yes on the RN application about whether I have been diagnosed with bipolar within the last 5 years. I am so worried now. What if I can't become an RN now after going through all that schooling?
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  3. by   CNL2B
    Holy crap. What state are you in? You seriously had to reveal that kind of information?
  4. by   kmdjkennedy
    Colorado and yes, it's a crappy question!
  5. by   TipitiwichitRN
    Wow... I dont think I agree with that question being asked.

    I dont know if I would have divulged that information to them. I guess they can find out anyway though... ?

    Did you sign a medical release ?
  6. by   Fixit
    I agree. It seems very unfair to ask a new GN that question. You're burned if you tell the truth and you're burned if you don't. The Colorado BON is run by Nazi's.
  7. by   kmdjkennedy
    No medical release signed but if they find out later, they would pull my license for sure! Will I even get it in the first place though?!?!
  8. by   dthfytr
    Texas asks the same about a number of Psych diagnosis when you apply and when you renew. They stopped asking about depression, thankfully. Checking yes isn't an automatic disqualification as I understand it. What really sucks is that these license files are public records! Don't know if they are in CO or not.
  9. by   LfmVigilo
    A bipolar and pedophilia diagnosis are asked for Ohio's BON.
  10. by   CrufflerJJ
    Quote from LfmVigilo
    A bipolar and pedophilia diagnosis are asked for Ohio's BON.
    In nursing school, an Ohio BON member came to our class & gave a lecture on the Ohio BON. When asked WHY the state requires disclosure of a bipolar diagnosis (& maybe other psych issues - I can't remember), she started a BS song & dance routine about it all being for patient safety, and also said that the board was concerned about the threat of a bipolar nurse stealing medicine from pts, blahblahblah. I guess we should also be concerned that those scum nurses with hypertension or diabetes might also steal meds from their patients. Idjits!
  11. by   roser13
    Quote from LfmVigilo
    A bipolar and pedophilia diagnosis are asked for Ohio's BON.
    Because those 2 diagnoses are so similar? And similarly risky for the general public, etc.??

  12. by   LfmVigilo
    Lol, I can't understand it either.
  13. by   oramar
    The truth is that they have no business asking questions like that. I bet a few good law suits would put an end to it. My gosh, is someone really painting bipolar illness and pedophilia with same brush? It is so insulting to the people I know who have bipolar ILLNESS. Most people comply with their medical treatments and thrive. As for that business about the possibility of drug diversion. Good grief, what evidence do they have for that? I have NEVER heard a word about that in any scientific study.
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    Ormar. PA license application also asks those questions. Boards of nursing are in place to protect the public. They do not release this type of sensetive info to the general public, but use it to ensure that licensee has STABLE mental health upon licensure and each renewal. Yes people are licensed all the time, just need to go through additional hoop!