Has anyone else seen this site?

  1. I found this site last night just surfing around. Interesting, to say the least.....

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  3. by   oramar
    That is one site I will bookmark. The sad thing is that they do a lot of harm before the finally make it to a list like that.
  4. by   Angelica
    Too bad they don't include Arizona. I was all fired up to look up some names.
  5. by   BranRN
    I had read about it in an article I was reading about pediatricians. The author of the article was giving advice on how to check doctors background (etc.), especially if you were first time parents looking for a pediatrician. After I read about, I pulled up the website and checked out the list for Alabama. There are like 350 names on that list alone. Luckily, I didn't recognize any of them. It was pretty interesting to say the least! I don't think they have all the states available, but it is definetely worth looking at if you wanted to check out a specific doctor. They don't give specifics for why the doctor was disciplined unless you subscribe.

  6. by   sunnygirl272
  7. by   CountrifiedRN
    Doesn't have my state, but I used to work at a hospital in CA where there was a doc that everyone just knew would make a dangerous mistake someday. He was written up several times by different nurses.

    No surprise, his name appears on that site. Won't pay to read the details though.
  8. by   tonicareer
    I just looked at my state and 3 doctors names I recognized from my small town were on it. I don't know all the doctors in my areas names so that is sorta scary. Of course a full report costs money so I will never know what they were sanctioned for.
  9. by   flowerchild
    I searched the site for my state and found at least 50 docs that I know. I have either seen myself or taken care of their patients. Most of them are good docs. Some in trouble for MCA fraud. Watched a few of them being walked in for processing, in handcuffs. Some of them were reprimanded for prescribing too many narcs. And a few of them were just bad people (raping, stealing, one even built bombs and had an arsinal in his home.) I recognized many of them and vividly remember what they did to be on that list. For most part I must be honest and say that sometimes I feel sorry for some of these docs (not the criminals.) Some were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. My area is a target area for MCA fraud and over prescribing narcs. Over 1500 docs on the list from just my state and a large portion of them from my area. Many of the docs are running scarred around here for the last several years, wondering if they are next. There are just as many docs who are not on the list that imo, that should be. Some are just better at covering their tracks than others. I would never use a list like that to choose a doc. Recommendations and observation is what I use to choose docs for me and my family. There is a doc on the list who is very good and I recommend him to any one who asks. Just sent my Mom to him last week. She received excellent care. You have to know the whole story to get the real picture here. I'm sure that if they targeted nurses in a specific area that they would find something on them too. But, since we don't prescribe and we don't bill (usually), we are not the target and I'm glad for that.
    I'm always leary of sites that I have to register and pay to see something that should be public knowledge. I gave a fake name and email addy as it was just to see the little bit I saw.

    Browsed through the 1,000 for Ohio. Saw a few names that were alarmingly similar to physicians I know/work with (interesting plays with first & middle names), but did see one doc on there that I know. A pediatrician that still occasionally sees a baby or 2 in the nursery. Nothing new though, it was a pretty big deal around here.

  11. by   emily_mom
    Too bad they didn't have WI. Kinda would like to see who is on there....nosy....
  12. by   cactus wren
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Angelica
    Too bad they don't include Arizona. I was all fired up to look up some names. [/QUOTE
    Angelica, just go to BOMEX....and you can search any Md. in az....gives out licensure stuff,schooling, and any disciplary action taken in Az
  13. by   Sally_ICURN

    Dang! 3161 "sanctioned" physicians on the California list. Having worked in 2 major teaching hospitals for the last 11 years and seeing hundreds of doctors and doctor wanna-be's pass through, I'm sure there's more than one name on that giant list that would ring a bell with me. It would be interesting to know the severity or frivolity of some of these sanctions.

    It's pathetic just the same. Don't we all know someone who belongs on that list??

  14. by   littleICURN
    Wow, I saw a doctor i know on that list, he's one of our ER docs. I wish i knew what he did to get on that list, I gave my real name and e-mail. I wish I hadn't now, I never know what sights to trust.