Has anyone else had this?

  1. The other day something amazing happened to me. I have been going around for a year telling people I am a student nurse, and their usual reaction is a sympathetic smile and nod, as if I've just said my best friend has just died. Well, the other day my parent's friends (from Africa) came to my house, and when I said Iwas training to be a nurse one of them said "that's fantastic!". I have never been so shocked and I said "do you really think so", because no one else throughout the whole year has said this ever to me. When my mother told my neighbour I was training to be a nurse she said to my Mum "you must be so disappointed!!!!!". I was starting to believe these negative comments until I had a little breakthrough. What I really wanted to know is whether anyone else has had any experiences like these.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Not everybody thinks nursing is a bad choice, at least I don't. I've been an RN for ten years and while I don't love every minute of it, I do overall like it. Like any other career (and I speak from experience), there are good days and bad days. You just have to be realistic with your expectations. Good luck and I want to add that I think it is fantastic you're going into nursing!!!
  4. by   nursestudent
    I've gotten mostly positive comments, but also some negative remarks, too. It always amazes me because the people (I've met) who are against nursing have never been nurses, and they think I should chose their career! I think you've made a great choice!

  5. by   melissa24
    I have only heard positive comments. I guess all the negative ones were said behind my back.

    I hope you don't let the negatives sway you in your career decision. Do what YOU want to do.
  6. by   Nursemelo
    i was a patient in the hospital a few years ago off and on for quite a bit whenever i tell one of the nurses that were taking care of me that i'm a student nurse now i get stuff like: really?, it's an awful lot of work, what did we do to you?, after seeing all that you did, you want to be a nurse?, from some off them. from the others i get: good for you, can't wait to work with you, we'll be lucky to have you. i thinkwhether you get a possitive responce or a negative one depends on the individuals outlook on the profession.
  7. by   OrthoNutter
    Mostly what I get is..."wow...that's umm....well...really different for someone like you". lol I think it's their way of saying "I can't picture you doing that in a million years because you just don't have the temperament". And hey, they're right....which is why I'm working on doing something I AM suited to, but most people are pretty accepting of my work as a nurse, even though they don't believe it till they see it.
    Hi, I have heard so many negative comments that I don't even
    tell people who I feel will be negative.. No need to dampen my hopes..........
  9. by   colleen10

    Oh, you are not alone!!! I get that often too. But, I still get a lot of people who say "That's Great" "You'ld make a terrific Nurse" "Medicine needs more people like you" so I just try to focus on the positive.

    I guess what bothers me more than people having negative comments about nursing is that they actually say bad things about it to your face! Have these people no manners? I was raised that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! I'd like to know what planet these people are from and send Miss Manners there to clean house!
  10. by   shannonRN
    been there done that....

    someone in my family is a nurse and when they found out that i wanted to become they tried to pursuade me not to do it. my grandmother was furious. she said something like..i think it is wonderful. just because you don't like you job, doesn't mean that she won't like it either. let her try it on her own and make her own decisions. gotta love that grandma! :kiss

    my overall response has been pretty positive. maybe it depends on where you live. i'm sure it also depends on people's previous experiences with nurses. just remember what matters is that YOU like nursing! good luck with nursing school and welcome to the profession!
  11. by   teeituptom
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    Never happened to me. But my wife has heard everything though, from oh your husbands a nurse is he gay. To Your husbands a nurse, how do you manage to live so well. and more.

    doo wah ditty