hard day at work

  1. Three of my residents died today...one on day shift, two on my shift. 3 men, 3 totally different deaths..

    #1 last night was sitting up and talking...*very* unusual for him. Kept talking about "the kids in the window", and I started getting a "feeling". I asked him what he saw and he said there were kids, a fence that curved and the kids could go from one side to the other, but couldn't come back. I told the other nurse I was working with that something was going on. Come in for my shift at 3, and find out he had been sitting by the desk around lunch time, had a "seizure" and was gone...

    #2 just sort of "declined" over the past couple of days. Didn't eat anything at all yesterday, began having periods of apnea. His wife is a bitty thing, can't weigh more than about 95 lbs, would come on every day and feed him lunch and supper..never a complaint out of her mouth, either. She'd drag his geri chair around to get him where she wanted him to be. She was a RN ... I Checked on him at 1845, charted, CNA changed and turned him at 1930 and as I was passing meds at 2015 I checked on him, and he was gone.

    #3..sour old cuss of a guy..fought every step of the way while CHF and renal failure fought back. I've never seen edema like he had..from feet all the way up to shoulders and head. Family <esp daughter> all but denial til the end, wanting us to "give him more lasix" and to fix him. A couple of days ago his daughter asked "Why is he breathing like that" and I very gently said "He's dying" She looked at me, and I think it finally hit her exactly what was happening...

    I'm drained tonight, and very grateful I have tomorrow (today)off... Got home about 2 AM, grabbed a bite to eat, and then logged on

    Nice to have a support system here...thanks all y'all!

    Thanks for listening

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  3. by   renerian
    Sorry your night was so stressful. One death can leave you pooped let alone losing three people in one day.........rest today......

  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear about your rough night. It's hard enough when you're expecting them to go, but when they just slip away like that....

    I know the fondness you develop for your residents in LTC. It's a loss that you don't usually feel in other kinds of nursing because of the time you've had to develop with the residents.

  5. by   CMERN
    (((( hugs)))) So sorry for your hard shift...hope you get the rest you need and thank you for being the great caring nurse you are..
  6. by   ancella marie
    I can see that you have a good heart for your patients. I just want you to know that your presence as a nurse is a gift to the world. The love and care you gave them goes a long way.
    I wish that you could see... how big a difference you make in many people lives and how grateful these patients are to have known you!
    Have a good rest! :kiss
  7. by   jemb
    ((((HUGS)))) Been there. It's hard to deal with sometimes.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    Gosh - what a wonderful, caring nurse you are. Thanks!
  9. by   joyflnoyz
    Thanks for all the kind words!

    My day "off" was spent with the checkbook and computer..'puter died llabor Day weekend and had to be replaced, so i had to re-enter all the checkbook info...

    Today was the best night I've had at work in 3 months. Had to go in early for an inservice..there's an easy hour of OT.. LOL.
    everything was done, without rushing. I could use a couple of weeks like this!
    I also found out yesterday that another of my residents whom I had 911'd out a couple of weeks ago passed away on the 19th.

    things will get back to normal soon, and I won't have time to think!
  10. by   happthearts
    Dear Joy:

    Its always hard for Us when we have days like this.
    But I am thankful that It never ceases to amaze me that someone always comes from the other side to get the person even for the ones who don't believe in God I ve seen this over and over. I t make me happy in one way knowing No one every really dies alone.

    Another weird thing is we always had more Pt deaths around the holidays usually 10 between thanksgiving and Christmas