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Today, I got my hair cut and it is just terrible. First, let me say I am not picky about my hair and have never gotten upset if it isn't cut exactly the way I want it. I just work with it. But... Read More

  1. by   Beach_RN
    Brenda . . .I beth that looked awesome!!!! I would go for blue next time though.
    Not quite my style Mandi! LOL... I'll stick to being a Brunette!

  2. by   J-RN student
    {{{HUGS!}}} Bad haircuts are the worst!
  3. by   colleen10
    Hi Kimmi,

    I just wanted to express my condolences to you and your hair.

    Please know that you are not alone in this, many of us have had bad haircuts and haircolors.

    From what you describe I would think that if you go to another hairdresser and have them try to blend all those blunt ends together, it would help the situation.

    For what it's worth what happened to you sounds almost exactly like what happened to my SIL this past summer. She went to her regular hairdresser whom she has been going to for years and whom she really likes and enjoys. She has gorgeous thick brown hair that goes to the middle of her back. She went in for a regular trim and came out with tons of layers that started at her chin and then worked their way down the rest of her hair.

    She was absolutely mortified. The only thing she could do was try her best to grow it out.

    Good Luck and I truly feel for you,

  4. by   Lausana
    That sucks Kim! My hair's down to my mid back now and it needs cut--but I'm scared!! Hair is like another appendage :chuckle Hope your new cut will look great!
  5. by   JedsMom
    Originally posted by nurse-lou
    Lucky for me my mother is a licensed beautician and she is the only person that's ever cut, colored or permed my hair.


    Me too
  6. by   hapeewendy
    maybe the hairdresser was just jealous of your beauty and your wonderful hair and tried to ugly you up or something
    thats what I kept telling myself when I came out looking like someone had done the whole "bowl on top of the head" cut on me...
    thats a cute hair cut for a 6 year old boy in 1980 or something but its not so flattering on a 22 year old woman
    I remember cutting my own bangs once....and only once, my mom made me wear them like that for the whole week
    can we say crooked? yes yes we can
  7. by   kimmicoobug
    An end to my nightmare of less than 24 hours.... I was really afraid that I would have to leave with shoulder length hair, but the hairdresser worked wonders. I could tell at first that she thought I was just a picky, b*tchy customer, because I told her I wanted her to fix this sh*t that is supposed to be called hair on the top of my head. I explained the situation, and she still thought I was crazy until she started to comb it out. The look on her face was priceless at the hatchet job done to my hair. She asked about where I got it done and who did it. She told me she used to manage that place, but walked out because of the BS of that place. Apparently, they just hire anyone with a license. She said that this woman was notorious for screwing up hair and received numerous complaints and that she had an alcohol problem.

    I gotta give it to her, she did the best she could with my hair. I had very uneven layers that was haphazardly cut in every which way. It still isn't exactly what I want, but I am grateful for it being fixed. There is still a little unevenness with a few of the layers, but I can live with it until the layers grow out. I still have long hair, but it is about 2 inches shorter,overall length. The hairdresser took off about a half an inch to even out the ends, and the lady yesterday took off the other 1.5 inches after being told that I only wanted a half an inch cut off.

    The hairdresser gave me a 1-800 number to call to complain. She told me to demand a refund, gave me a 20% discount for my next cut, and styled my hair for free. I am very happy with it now, but I plan on picking up that phone to do some complaining...but I am going to take it a step further and see if they will pay for my cut that I got today. Hey, I lost a lot of hair, and time. Probably not, but they are getting an earfull from me.

    Wish I could take a pic and post because I no longer have the hair from hell. Woo hoo.
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  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    I've never forgotten the time I spent a year growing out a super short cut to shoulder length, then went to get it trimmed because I was going to be in a wedding later that day and wanted it to look good. I ended up with hair that was about 3 inches long!!!

    I was so angry, I refused to pay for the cut, and the girl actually had the nerve to be surprised!

    I too am scared to let anyone get near my hair with scissors. I have the kind of hair that for some reason, people LOVE to get their hands on....and cut. It's long, naturally wavy/curly, healthy, and it grows fast (thank God), but if I let anybody within a country mile of it I end up with a bob. So I've learned to be something of a contortionist and cut it myself. I can't do much other than trim it, although I have done layers in the past. But at least, I still have some hair left when I'm done cutting it!
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  9. by   nakitamoon
    this just irritates me,,,, !!! going to have your hair done,,, specifically giving instructions,,,, and then the hairdresser,, does,, what ever they want,,,, the last time i went,,,, i wanted,,, a 'trim',,,, my hair,,, is thick,,, and long,,, wanted,,, just the ends trimed,,,,, an inch,,, no more than two,,,, all one length,,,, sounds simple,,,,,, right?,,,,, she had all my hair,,,, behind my back,,, when i looked,,,, she had cut off,,,, four,,,, five inches!!!!!!!!!

    my advise,,,, if you find a stylist who does a good job,,,, keep them,,,, follow them if they leave,,,,

    three years ago,,,, i had my hair cut short,,,, no i didn't get the style i wanted,,,, made myself a promise,,, let it grow out,,, through out the last three years,,, i trim the ends,,, well i do the sides,,, and coerse my dh,,,, to do the back,,,,, or ask a friend,,, it is all one length now,,,, four inches below my shoulders,,, healthy,,,,

    dont' trust,,,, anyone,,, to touch it,,,,,,,

    [color=dark green] happy holidays ~kitamoon