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Hello fellow nurses. I'm a 21 year old male practical nursing student. I have worked in nursing for a little over a year now as a CNA and CMA. One think I have noticed is the very small percentage... Read More

  1. by   flaerman
    I am an Rn who has practiced in 3 states for the last 17 years and it's been a great ride. I currently work in the ER and the only things I don't do is pelvic exams and female foley insertion. The only pt that I can remember refusing me for being male was a lady in ICU way back when I was senior nursing student. I once went into a room with a female MD, the pt looked at us, called me "doctor" and her "nurse". She wasn't happy about it and I told her she shouldn't be because it doesn't bother me when they call me "doctor". Once in school one of my patients asked me if I was going to be a "male nurse" when I graduated. I surprised them with my reply, " I'm not sure, I'll have to find out". --Paul
  2. by   fab4fan
    I have complete respect for my colleagues, whatever their sex.

    Hate to sound harsh, but this topic has been done over and over...there are already two active threads on the same subject.
    How much validation can be given before it's no longer needed?

    Instead of focusing on our differences, we ought to look more at that which can bring us together.
  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    flareman, Ido the things you wont, my patient have no problem. but if they request a female i will get them one. my gender has not been a problem with my patients but has with a few older nurses.
  4. by   frankie
    I graduated from nursing school in 1982 - with 13 girls and 4 guys. I have worked with many male RNs (mostly ICU/CCU/ER). Male or female - some good and some not so good. I do not think being a caring person makes you a "gay" person. All male nurses are not gay nurses. Keep at it, especially since you love being a nurse.
  5. by   happystar
    You people sound like such wonderful people One of the reasons why i aspire to be a nurse when i graduate from high school.
  6. by   ResearchRN
    In my nursing class (1992) there were approximately 225 students. Of them, approximately 50 were men, mostly firemen and policemen about to finish their 20 years of service and looking for another profession. Of these approximately 50 men there were 3 gay men.

    I am a man. I have been a nurse for 10 years. Have never had anyone refuse my care and have done everything form putting foley's in females to doing pap smears.

    I have worked in Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; and Boston, MA. At least in these majore US cities the issue of men in nursing is not an issue in my experience.
  7. by   a sharpe nurse
    Hey there. This is my first post so give me a little break. I work in a medium sized hospital and am going to school in order to attain a masters degree to be a nurse practitioner.
    Because of these two roles I am in contact with male nurses and male nurses-to-be. Let me tell you this...I LOVE men in nursing. I don't care what their sexual orientation...I just love them. They help decrease the bickering and gossiping we girls sometimes get caught up in. They are often big and strong...a definite plus. In addition, they often make modest male patients much more comfortable. Kudo's to you for heading into this profession. You are not alone OR unwanted!
  8. by   LasVegasRN
    Welcome to the board, sharpe nurse!
  9. by   salve#1
    I'm a male nurse. I'm heterosexual. It dosen't matter what sexual preferance I am. Do what makes you happy. I don't know where the "stigma" came from. More then likely it has come from homophobic men whom we all know by now are actually the real homosexuals pretending not to be
    Do what makes you happy. Remember, people who feel a need to make up stuff like this are the ones who genuinely aren't happy with there lives. They are consumed at times by trying to make negative ideas from nothing to boost there own sence of self worth. Be a male nurse and be proud of it. Men can love and show emotions just like woman. There is a stigma that says we have to be tough macho men. The more we suppress our emotions, the worse off we become. Best of luck to yah
  10. by   rebelwaclause
    Ok...I made light with the t-shirt thing. Just my way of showing "luv".

    But when it comes down to it, I might prefer a male nurse over a female. Men do not get in a tiff over small, petty things like "us" women tend to....Well...Not usually. The male nurses I've worked with are very level headed and are straight to the point. They do not over analyze or make up scenario's when applying nursing treatment. LOVE them and wouldn't make it through a shift without them.

    When I was in school, there where two men in my class of 35. I'd like to think this is because a significant amount of male nurses obtain there training through military?
  11. by   June55Baby
    I definately think there is a place for men in nursing. It just seems that they are all shooting for CRNA school or a job as a Nurse Manager or Director. Even when they decide to saty at the bedside, they seem to gravitate toward ICU, CCU, CVR, or ER.

    I remember taking my then 6 y.o. son the the ER for stitches .... he was a little confued when his Nurse was a Man and his Doctor was a Woman! Its a Wonderful World!
  12. by   Mito
    I usually tell patients that the only difference between male and female nurses is that male nurses eat more for lunch . (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

  13. by   amblessing
    Originally posted by MarcusKspn
    What I would like to know is your experiences with guys in nursing, is it this unusual for a straight guy to consider nursing as a profession. I really love being in nursing.
    I know for a fact that there are some straight guys considering a career in nursing. I find that many of them work already as EMTs and Emergency Room Techs, and HEY some of them aren't too bad to look at - if you GUYS out there don't mind me saying!!!! :kiss
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