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Please share with me your greatest code brown stories! Mine happened too be when i was a nurse's aid and i was taking care of a woman who would call her bms her babies. She would only pass once a... Read More

  1. by   mad9
    Quote from earle58
    i have a couple of stories:

    - i had a hospice patient who was on a high dosage of narcs followed by a rigorous bowel regimen. yet she remained impacted. you could see the part of her colon where the stool was lodged. one noc i gave her a cocktail of mineral oil & lactulose, followed by an enema. a few hrs later the stool had moved to the rectal vault. i started to disimpact her, removing hard balls. suddenly and w/o warning, she expelled a lg amt of gas followed by projectile diarrhea. it landed in my face, hair, neck and part of my scrubs!! i swear, it seemed to be close to a gallon's worth of liquid stool. from thereonin, my reflexes have improved tenfold.

    - another hospice patient who consistently disimpacted herself and would prefer to eat her own stool rather than any meal offered. one day i had to go into her top drawer, where i found approx a dozen napkins. in each napkin was dried, hard stool....probably for a midnight snack.:imbar

    Oh My!
    I have to ask and it may be considered a really dumb question because I would assume that this poor woman must have a diagnosable mental illness.
    May I ask what it was?
  2. by   likemike
    I was an LVN in the E.D. of a tertiary University hospital in a wealthy area.

    An 77 yo female came in dressed to the nines co impaction.

    The attending, another Vet like me (he was in the Army, I in the Navy) said to give her soap suds. "High, hot and a hell of a lot"

    I assembled my equipment went into the room and their she was. She took off her gown and was wearing a fredericks of hollywood bustier with stockings. EWWWWWW

    I kept a stone face, explained what I was going to do and gave her her gown.

    I returned and did two enemas wo any stool, just stench.

    The attending told me to attach a BIG foley cath and lube it up and turn on the soap suds as I inserted it. I did so. Lord, I thought that thing was going to come out her nose, she just smiled at me. EWWWWWWWW

    The smell was so bad and she creeped me out I asked for another nurse to help. We attached another foley and this the fourth time I felt something happen. But no stool until I pulled the foley/enema tube out. I had bored a hole in a 4 inch by 12 inch piece of hard stool with the foley. As I pulled it out the snake like stool came with it. She smiled at me, "I feel so much better sweety" The other nurse and I smiled covered the bed pan and ran out of their.