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  1. by   marieoct62
    I attend Mansfield University/Robert Packer Hospital school of nursing this is a BSN program.
    grading is based on the 10 point system
    90-100 A
    80-89 B
    70-79 C
    Must have a C- to pass. Also The grades are figured on a point system 4 exams worth 15% each (60%), Final exam 25% and 15 case studies were due worth a point a piece (15%) Our clinicals were pass/fail.

    good luck with your petition!!!
  2. by   BranRN
    We also grade on the 10 point system
    70 or less=Fail

    You have to average a 70 or above to go to clinical and to pass the course.
  3. by   JohniePea
    A 95-100

    A- 90-94

    B+ 86-89

    B 83-85

    B- 81-82

    C+ 79-80

    C 78

    D+ 67-77

    D 63-66

    D- 60-62

    F Below 60

    But with my school your test Average Must be 78% for our class: Seniors, and 80% for all other classes after us... This means you could be passing or have passed the course once all grades have been tallyed, but if at the end, your test average doesnt make it you have failed the course, and have to start that semester over(for that class) if you are allowed to return. But Last years Seniors had 100% pass rate for the NCLEX-RN, so they must be doing something right!!
  4. by   princess_64
    I am in my last semester of an ADN program also. I came in through the LPN to RN program. To this day I can not tell you our exact grading scale, But I know that a 94 ia an A and a 74.7 is failing! It is not the same for everyone of course, and by the rules you should have a straight up 75! (instructors can give that 10th of a piont to any one )

    We began class 4 days ago on Monday with 47 people and now have 43.

    The first words out of the instructor's mouth were, "Well, ladies and gentlemen, here's where we separate the gonna be's from the wanna be's." Sounds like fun right! Only 120 days to graduation!
  5. by   tapper
    I am in a RN diploma program and ours is:

    A 93 - 100
    B 85 - 92
    C 75 - 84

    Anything below that is irrelavent, because a C is the minimum passing grade allowed. Also, you can only repeat one class one time, even if it is a different class, after that you are out of the program.

    They are very adamant about getting over the idea of disappointment when you don't make all A's, as some students are accustomed to. As I have heard from those in the second year of the program, "A 'C' means continue."

    I am curious though, as to why you would want to LOWER the standards of your program and be less prepared to enter a profession where you can never know too much?
  6. by   NurseAngie
    I dug into my records and pulled them out JUST FOR YOU! (hehehe, I was curious anyway )
    I went to East Mississippi Community College (LPN program):
    100-94 = A
    93-88 =B
    87-80 =C
    79-0 = F !

    I guess it was good that they were strict (if you made 69.4 you FAILED) because I passed state boards first time up and I had the minimum #85 test questions.

    Take Care~Angie
  7. by   studentnurse_02
    Hi. Here is my grading scale. our grades come from ONLY our exams (we have 6 plus the comprehensive final.)
    A 91-100
    B 82-90
    C 75-81
    F anything below 74.5
    we have to have a 75 to pass. (at least they do round up!!!)
  8. by   Teshiee
    Our grading scale was as follows

    below F

    The scale for nursing has always been harder but your school is ridiculouw it is like they are trying to make you not succeed. I hope you are successful with your petition.

    75 is passing but there are schools where 73 is as well.
  9. by   RNpupil
    The grading scale in my ADN program is 56-65%-F;66-76%-D;77-83%-C,84-93%-B,94%+-A
  10. by   BeachNurse
    Mine was something like

    90-100 A
    80-90 B
    75-79 C

    Below 75, D: and fail the course/fail out of nursing school! Pretty tough..
  11. by   cwazycwissyRN
    86-92 =B
    80-85 =C
    3 tries to pass math test. Could not miss more that two. Do not remember how many problems.
    Below C in any class or fail math test and you were out of the program, could reaply for next year.

    100% pass rate for my class sitting a state boards.

    The next year the students in the program were dropping like flies. Could not seem to get the grade. The school lowered the grade scale. Pass rate at the state boards went down the tubes. :imbar

    High standards are tuff but so rewarding in the end
    Challenge yourself to be the best and go for it:kiss
  12. by   CCU NRS
    mine is like this

    79-70 C
    <70 fail
  13. by   RNIAM
    All I know without going to my nursing handbook is that anything below a 75 is a fail for the program.
    hope I helped!