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  1. by   j_dee
    95%+ = A = 4.0
    90-94% = B/A = 3.5
    I think 85-89 = B = 3.0
    I don't know the rest, never gotten below a B/A in a nursing class. I think it's ridiculous to get up to a 94% and get a 3.5. If I was at a school were a B/A or A- was a 3.7 I'd have an amazing GPA...

    This is a 4 yr BSN. You also need a test average of 75% to pass as well as an overall average of at least 75% to pass. We also have skills validation each semester and math tests.
  2. by   model50
    Ours is:
    92%-100% A
    85%-91% B
    78%-84% C
    Anything below a 78% you fail the class. They won't even consider skills test out points until you get a 78% or above on your tests. Sucks because, for some reason, I keep getting 90% on everything....
  3. by   soarmls
    I'm looking for a nursing school with a grading scale where 70% is passing? Please give me names... my schools grading scale is killing me!
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  4. by   soarmls
    Quote from Katnip
    90-100 A
    80-89 B
    69.5-79 C

    Anythng below 69.5 is failing. How they came up with the .5 is beyond me.
    What is the name of this school?
  5. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    We do not have any + or - Just A,B or C and an A is 93 or 94% (I always confuse this one) to 100% is an A. 85%-92 or 93% is a B and a 77-84% is a C.

    Anything under 77% is failing and you have to get the 77% on exams total before you can qualify for points from anything else. Which we rarely get anyway, have only had 2 graded projects in a year that counted for points. Rest were all exams.
  6. by   sairin8
    Holy cow!!!

    In New Zealand our scales are completely different. My polytech (similar to college in America?) has the standard 50% pass mark for the theory papers and ungraded pass/fail for the clinical. Basically it means that you don't have to write perfect essays to pass.

    In saying that, however, when I was a uni there were a number of Americans there doing similar papers to me and they found it hard to get good grades here. My understanding is that the system is just completely different to what they were used to.

    I think 50% for theory papers is quite reasonable for our system. It's not getting half of the information wrong, because it may be the writing style or the referencing letting you down. What is important is safety (hence the ungraded pass/fail for clinical) and knowing how to find stuff
  7. by   soarmls
    Quote from CCU NRS
    mine is like this

    79-70 C
    <70 fail
    What's the name of this school?
  8. by   soarmls
    Quote from BranRN
    We also grade on the 10 point system
    70 or less=Fail

    You have to average a 70 or above to go to clinical and to pass the course.
    What school do you go to?
  9. by   soarmls
    Quote from mfonseca
    I am currently under an ADN Program here in Houston, TX. Our grading scale is as follows:


    Under a 70 is failing. We have 7 test per semester which count 75% if our final grade. Our Math test (which we took with every test, counts for 10% of our final grade, and of course our comprehensive test counts for 15%. I just finished my third semester! We get three grades per semester. One is for lecture test, the other for lab test, and the other for clinical. If we fail one we would fail all regardless of we would have all A's. In our final semester we have to have a 85% or better in our HESI test in order to graduate.

    In the first year of nursing school we had only 4 tries to pass our math test, and we had to get a 90 or above, if we didn't pass, we would of been kicked out of the program. We are also not under a "block" format. Which means we do a little of everything all at once. For example, We don't do one semster all on OB/GYN or pedi. We start doing all of that since the beginning. First semester was Preventive care or routine care. Second a little Med-Surg and a little critical. Third is critical care in all areas. Good luck and any advice would be very helpful on how to survive the last semester!!! Also how do you know what area you should work in the first year of school. I am still clueless about this. I like Pediatrics, NICU, and ER.
    What is the name of this school?
  10. by   soarmls
    Quote from Katnip
    90-100 A
    80-89 B
    69.5-79 C

    Anythng below 69.5 is failing. How they came up with the .5 is beyond me.
    What is the name of your school?
  11. by   meadowsong
    Clinical are Pass/Fail

    Can't remember the exact break down for our program, but 79% and below = Fail! You have to score 80% or above to stay in the program.
  12. by   healthstar
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]A = 93 - 100%
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]B+ = 90 - 92%
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]B = 86 - 89%
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]C+ = 83 - 85%
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]C = 76 - 82%
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]D+ = 73 - 75%
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]D = 70 - 72%
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]F = Below 70%