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  1. Lylesmom

    Right Decision?

    Thank you Caliotter3. The hard part is I truly believe I made the right decision. If something would have happened, I would have been at fault, not the hospital. I interviewed for a new job and I was told I didn't get a good review from that job so they were not going to offer me a position
  2. Lylesmom

    Right Decision?

    I recently walked away from a position I had started the end of March, here is what led to my decision- I came on shift and was assigned 3 patients initially, two were fresh admits after 4pm so many things were not done, right after report I get an admission a r/o, by the time I got that admission completed it was almost 10pm, still hadn't seen my other 3 patients, one was also another r/o. I get meds passed and at 11pm I pick up two more patients, also 1 that was a fresh admit that evening so it was not completed. right after report on those, I get another admission, a head trauma with hourly neuro checks...so I had 7 patients, 5 fresh admits, so 4 r/o's, 1 head trauma, 1 confused that was also 1 of the r/o's, and 2 questionable c-diff. in the first 8 hours of my shift I saw my patients once. That is not safe at all, considering they were r/o's and a head trauma, oh yeah and one was a confused lady that kept hollering and trying to get out of bed. I went to the nurse manager at the end of the shift and expressed my frustration and concerns about all of this. During the shift I even spoke with the nurse supervisor regarding all of this, while SHE was sitting in the break room eating, which none of us had time to do, and all she did was shake her head and say there was nothing she could do and just do what I could to get through the shift. Add that to the charting system that they upgraded to causing charting errors,potential of missed orders, another nurse had found during her chart check that night, that a patient was supposed to be getting fluids for the last 2 days and the order was missed because docs were writing orders on paper because of the system being difficult to navigate and time consuming. the medselect not working right and causing delays and potential med errors. The patients that are there for r/o's are not having troponin levels drawn when they should because they have trouble located when labs were drawn because they are put on the wrong visit...This all happened while I was on orientation and because no aide was scheduled that night, my preceptor was put into the aide role and I was flying solo. Over that weekend I thought about all of that, including the fact that trying to sleep during the day was not working out at all because of my two younger boys. I was getting less than 4 hours of sleep a day. When I originally applied I applied for a weekend option day line, when the nurse manager called me to interview she told me that line was filled but this one was open, so I thought I could make it work. Then the cost of driving back and forth with it being an hour drive, the cost of insurance being 294.00 a paycheck, I was bringing home about $500 a week. Between the cost of gas and childcare, I was working for very little. I had to weigh all of this into the fact of the issues with patient safety. I worked so hard to overcome so much in my past and get my degree and I don't want to lose my license. I explained all of that to the nurse manager and again to director of the floor. They both told me they understood but I guess not because, they of course didn't give me a good review. I would hope that as a nurse reading these things you can understand why I had to make the tough decision to walk away. I love being a nurse and helping people and feeling like I couldn't provide the care they needed in a safe way, is something I couldn't continue to do. A fellow nurse told me that it was not uncommon for them to have up to 9 patients on the overnight shift, she told me there were many days where she would cry the whole drive home. I have never worked under my abilities and believe I am a great nurse. So do you think I did the right thing? I sent an email to the director about all of this and she called me and left a message saying that she took my email to mean that I was done as of that day but she wanted to discuss the issues I had. I called right back and she didn't answer, I left a voice mail saying that I was sorry I missed her call and that if she could call me back I would speak with her about those things. She never called back and when I went in to clean out my locker she wasn't there.
  3. Lylesmom

    heamoglobin of 6 and pt got iron only

    Our ortho doctors have started being more selective with ordering blood. They must be symptomatic and have a hemoglobin around 6. With the concern for a reaction from the blood products they want to be as careful as possible.
  4. Lylesmom

    Substitute Teacher Gives Boy Medicine Overdose

    My son takes medication at school for ADHD. I have shown him many times what the pill looks like to ensure if he is given a different pill he knows to refuse and have them contact us. But in a situation like this, how is the child supposed to know it was too much. I once took in more of his medication and there were a lot of medicine bottles, so easy to pick up the wrong medication. I also noticed there were still 3 days worth of his medication in the other bottle, when I asked why, I was told they forgot to give him his dose once and the other time it was "too late" for him to get it. I was told it was the teacher's responsibility to make sure he was sent to the office to take his medicine. If the child doesn't show up to take the medicine, shouldn't the nurse follow up? There should have been a system in place for her to be able to realize he hadn't taken it yet. I wanted to say that I don't get paid for doing my job half the time. If my patients don't get there medications when they are supposed to, I would be fired. It is my responsibility for giving medications. All I could think of was thank god it was not a cardiac medication...then you see something like this and think...oh my god. I hope this is a wake up call for school systems to realize the importance of having actual trained medical personnel and who will do their job 100% of the time.
  5. Lylesmom

    To my preceptor, future students beware (rant)

    I understand your frustration. At the same time that is nursing....having to depend on yourself because no one is around to help. Everyone can say it shouldn't be that way, and to a certain extent, yes...she should have been there to help you. At the same time, It is your preceptorship (experiencing what nursing really is like). You got a crash course in it.
  6. Lylesmom

    Are you forced to get Immunizations?

    The hospital I work in tried to make it mandotory for everyone to get the Flu shot this season. We had a lot of people filed complaints with our union about it violating their personal rights.
  7. the pictocin can make the contractions more intense, so if offered take the stadol, it will help relax you...and dont forget to breathe!
  8. Lylesmom

    5 occasions where IV therapy needs two checker?

    at our hospital it is blood, PCA pumps, TPN, Heparin, and insulin. I know on the cancer floors they double check any chemo drugs...cytotoxic drugs
  9. Lylesmom

    How far do you drive to work?

    I travel 97 miles one way to work. In the beginning it seemed long, but now, not so bad. I have a 70% line, which equals about 2 days a week. I make enough to pay all the monthly bills, which leaves my husbands' checks for the extra things in life. Unfortunately, I work at the U of I Hospitals, where they are talking laying off 200 people. wish me luck.
  10. Lylesmom

    latest update of University of Iowa Layoffs

    just wanting to update and let everyone know, they have announced plans to layoff 200, that is on top of the 100 positions that are unfilled.
  11. http://www.press-citizen.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090605/NEWS01/906050317 here is the latest on the layoffs at the U of Iowa.
  12. Lylesmom

    University of Iowa Hosptial to Layoff

    We do have a union...as far as not cutting nurses, they said they did not want to affect patient care, doesn't mean nurses will not get laid off. And for hiring new nurses, I don't see that happening for quite some time, considering we have pool nurses that can't even get a budgeted line. We had some nurses that quit a few months back, and those positions are left unfilled. They stated that the cuts will come by unfilled positions...so I don't see where they would hire new grads or any nurses. A lot of people did do the volunteer pay reductions, and vacation give-backs, which now, if they get laid off, they won't get that additional money...how nice is that, ask them to give up vacation time, only to get laid off, and have a crappy last check. I then find out that if I get laid off my health care spending account is canceled at the end of the month that I get laid off in. So any money that is in that account is gone. I hope If I am one that gets laid off, that it isn't before the end of June, or I will get no reimbursement when I have my baby. All I know, is good luck to us all.
  13. Lylesmom

    University of Iowa Hosptial to Layoff

    http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20090603/NEWS02/906030358/1004/ I am a registered nurse currently at the hospital, wandering what my future holds for me...I go on maternity leave the beginning of July and am fearful whether I will have a job to come back to. We are suppose to find out by the end of June, all the details...we don't know how many people are getting laid off, or what areas yet.
  14. Lylesmom

    How far do you drive?

    I drive 95mi to work. I am currently working on getting my husband to agree to move half way, so I can see him and my son every day. Since I am so far from home, I stay at a friends house up there. I started this job on 9/22. I leave on Sunday evening, and come home on thurs. or friday evening. October is going to be H#ll, only because with orientation, I will be working 4-5 days a week. but after that it will get better. My son asks every day when mommy will be home. It is rough, but I know I am doing the right thing to provide my son a better life.
  15. Lylesmom

    How far did you travel?

    Well I started at my job, since it is 95miles away, I am staying at a friends house close to the hospital. I haven't seen my husband or son since sunday afternoon. I thought I was ok, until I found out my husband was on his way up to see me...I started crying...
  16. Lylesmom

    Iowa - RN Pay

    Thanks MaryNochka, I myself do not live in Iowa City, I actually will be driving 90 miles each way to work there. They are one of the top hospitals in the nation, so I couldn't pass up the opp. to gain so much experience!