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  1. What is or was your nursing school grading scale? Ours is 77% for a C, 83% for a B and 93% for an A. A few students are upset because it seems to lessen our chances of going on to get accepted into BSN and NP programs, since schools look at GPA's and not what percentages students received in school. Are most nursing schools using this grading scale? And if so, are other institutions aware of it?
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  3. by   MacD
    My nursing school had a similar scale until it was pointed out to the faculty as well as the Dean that this was making nursing students less competitive scholarshipwise with other non-nursing school students. Now its <74.9 is an F, 75 to 79.99 C, 80 to 89.99 B, 90 to 100 A, with no rounding up of grades. Good Luck.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    The above seems like the curve we had!

    I really didn't pay attention because I told myself to do my best..and if my best wasn't good enough...then it wasn't my thing! I was shocked as heck when I just barely (like 0.01%) didn't make top student! I was second..and I wasn't thinking of that at all!!!!!!!! I was the easy going class clown to put it simply...but having fun and understanding the knowledge given even if I had to translate it all the time in my own learning techniqes paid off! I was so shocked!

    Be yourself, but be geared realistically for the tough learning will do fine!

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  5. by   LorynRN
    Hey, our grading scale is 93-100 A, 86-92 B, 79-85 C, less than 79 is a D, which is failing. It is hard to adjust to, but we will be better nurses because of it........Good luck!
  6. by   AuntieRN
    Ours was the same as Jaylynn's. Anything below a 77 was failing. Really stunk. I had a 92.5 average the first semester, a 92 average the second and a 91.4 the 3rd. They also did not found up obviously as I got Bs the first 3 semesters. The last 2 semesters I barely made Cs with this grading system.
  7. by   Antikigirl
    My very best friend didn't pass because of a health probelm that took her from studies...she tried her darnest, but sadly missed too much in fast pace. She was 0.02 points behind on MIDTERM...midterm!!!!!! They flunked her and said not to come that ticked me off...

    But the story has a very happy ending! She is a unit secretary and we are working together again...and she is so glad to be a unit secretary and not a nurse! LOL! I love her for that...she can handle that job and I certainly would be a B in that job! LOL! She loves her job, and fate gave that to her through many medical probelms....and me..I stand as a reminder to her that nursing wasn't her best choice (for her)....
  8. by   Cherish
    We have the same grade scale FOR THE WHOLE COLLEGE its weird never been to a school that 93 gets you an A. Its always been 90-100 since I was in elementary school LOL. This is the first time that I've been to a school with a basically 7 pt system. But all majors have it at this school.
  9. by   deleern
    at our school anything below 80% is a D ---- in clinicals it is 84% But they have a 94% NCLEX Pass ratio.
  10. by   aggieamy5
    Many entire colleges have this grading scale. For my undergraduate degree it was just the routine scale. For my graduate degree (at a different university) it was the 93-100 is an A, 90-93 is an A-, etc. For my program, anything less than a B- (80) was considered failing and the class had to be repeated. I even had one class were the teacher required a 95 and above to make an A. Beginning this program, I thought it would be much harder to maintain a 4.0 GPA than undergrad, but it really wasn't at all. Where my husband went to grad. school they had this weird grading scale, as well, for grad. students and the traditional scale for undergraduates. The differering scales seem rather silly to me. I think all public schools should be required to have the same grading scales (at least from state to state). I feel the same way about high schools as well.
  11. by   BSNtobe2009
    This is a good reason why colleges need to drop the letter system and go with a number system.
  12. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from delee99
    at our school anything below 80% is a D.
    . Same here, and they do not ever round up.

    You will find that most nursing schools have stricter grade policies than "regular" courses of study.
  13. by   destiny5
    I thought our grading scale was bad until I read others replies. 93-A, 83-B, 75-C, 74-D, 69-F. Our teachers politely told us that they have never given an A so don't expect it.-- There goes the 4.0 gpa. I got B's but they were the hardest B's I've ever had to work for. Everything is a weed out class, especially pharm. There was one guy who came soooo close everytime. He would end up with like 92.4%. I knew that if I was that close to an A, I would be pissed & looking for .1% (we round up final grades only), so I asked him how he felt about being so close to an A. He said- you know, I'm just glad I passed. I'm not really concerned about the grade, a C would have been ok. I liked him before, but I liked him even more then. He was truely a nice guy. Several people in my class would try to beat his scores, almost to the point of obsession, but they never did.
  14. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from destiny5
    Our teachers politely told us that they have never given an A so don't expect it.
    This would bother if you were given a multiple choice test, and got all the answers right, they wouldn't give you an A?

    When an instructor has that negative of an attitude, they are in essence, downgrading their own abilities to teach. That's the same thing as saying never, in the history of the program, have they ever had a student peform at the level they have been taught. There is always, one student who will "get it".

    I just think that is a terrible way for an instructor to start a program.