Grad party idea for my wife

  1. Hi Nurses hope you all might be able to help me out with this... I'm throwing my wife a graduation party in a couple weeks for graduating from nursing school and am doing some crazy things for serving the food... One of them is to have punch served from an IV bag - at least a look-alike IV bag. Considering I probably won't be able to get my hands on actual IV bags I think I'll need to rig up something with Ziploc bags and a long tube or something like that. Any ideas or pointers that might help??


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  3. by   VORB
    You might try a better pharmacy/sickroom-supply/home med equipment store in your area. I would think they'd have bags & tubing for tube-feeding and/or IVs.
  4. by   misslo
    How awesome that you are doing that. Your wife is one lucky lady to have such a thoughtful and creative husband! Good luck with your party planning.
  5. by   Whimsical
    If you go to a surgical supply store, you may be able to purchase a few things that are not to expensive that you can use as props and serving dishes for the party. Depending on the type of crowd that you're having you can purchase a few ace bandages and have races where groups have to see who can bandage a person with fake wounds or the breaks the fastest and things of that nature.
  6. by   MySimplePlan
    Plastic bedpans can serve all manner of chips, fruit, even punch.

    Yum. Yuck.

    Have fun, whatever you come up with and yay for your fabulous wife.
  7. by   lifesacomedy
    I love things like this! What about having a cookout/grill kind of thing with burgers, etc. And you can draw ketchup up into 10cc syringes (no needles, of course), with all of the other condiments and sides served in bedpans.

    I think the IV bag is super cute, but keep in mind that it'll go fast (you'll have to change the bags often). Of course, you also could just make one as a prop where the line is "running" into one of those large coolers that's full of punch.

    Good luck! How thoughtful! She's a lucky lady!
  8. by   BEDPAN76
    Google "medical theme parties" and the like. You will get some great ideas. You could maybe find some cheap stethoscopes for party favors. P.S. When and where is the party? We'll all be there!
  9. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Food Ideas:

    Bean dip in a bed pan

    Mud Slide in a colostomy bag

    Catheter Bag Beer Bong

    Bowels of candy like Good n Plenty that look like pills

    Liquid Medicine measuring cups for shot glasses and/or jello shots

    Cake shaped like a nursing cap


    If you can rent, Crutch and Wheelchair races

    Name That Poo: adult diapers with different chocolate candy bars melted in each one that people have to guess which candy it is (melt it in the microwave)
  10. by   BEDPAN76
    Bloody Marys would look cool in an IV bag.....
  11. by   ®Nurse
    You should be able to get enema administration sets "over the counter" without any difficulty.....if you are unable to secure something that more closely resembles and IV administration set.
  12. by   Whispera
    Something to think about with IV bags is that they have to be clamped off or they'll leak all over everything. You could have a huge mess on your hands if you serve drinks through them! I like the idea of having a clamped-off bag's tubing in a punch bowl that's full of something to drink though.
  13. by   casi
    My big plan for my grad party is 10cc syringes used for strawberry jello shots.
  14. by   BEDPAN76
    How about cocktail sausages served in brown gravy ? The "Code Brown Challenge" :chuckle