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Hi everyone, I came to work today and felt something was wrong already. Nurses were looking at me like they wonder why I was still there. My manager came in to work and then he told me we need to... Read More

  1. by   meluhn
    Sorry, I didn't see that you didnt want anymore posts and It wont let me out of this window without posting something.
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  2. by   HNursing
    Thanks everyone,

    I am not down anymore. It already happen. I should asked my questions earlier about how to handle my preceptor and communicate with my educator. It might not happen this way, but some of my nursing friends told me that it will still happen because it seems like they did not like me since I step in that door. I am not sure that can be possible. I am not sure. I am new, young and have a higher degree than all the nurses in that floor. My manager is going back to college of get the same degree as I am.

    I really appreciated everyone comments over there. I just wish I can find another job soon and pay some of my medical bill. The economy is awful out there especially the state I am. Therefore, just crossing your finger and give me the best of wishes.

    I, personally, do not know who your guys are. But some of your guys in this forum were so understanding and supporting the point that made me cried..
  3. by   southernbeegirl
    i lost my first job the same way. when they let me go, the administrator told me "call me when you've 'grownup' in nursing a bit and i'd hire you back in a second". he meant it in a loving way (real nice man). it took me years to figure out what he meant.
    i ran into him a few years ago and thanked him and told him i finally figured out what he meant.

    sometimes it is a gift that you don't realize you've been given until later.