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Has anyone experienced this? I had a flu shot yesterday. Last night, about 9 hours afterwards, the injection site became very sore (which I expected). But soon after and since then, my entire... Read More

  1. by   missfixit
    My arm was sore for about 3 days after getting the seasonal flu shot. It hurt more while it was being injected as well. I have had little to no pain in the past. I think it has something to do with the "mix" in the vaccine.
    Haven't gotten the H1N1 because my MD is out. But I have heard of complaints of nausea and headache after from people that have received it.
  2. by   econ2nursing
    I couldn't believe how bad my arm hurt after the H1N1 shot. Like some of the other posters, had pain all the way down my arm to my fingertips, couldn't sleep on that arm, had trouble dressing b/c it hurt so bad to lift my arm. I have never had a problem with a flu shot hurting so much.
    I heard the H1N1 was more potent than the seasonal flu shot this year- anyone know if there is any truth to this. Is this maybe why it is causing so much arm pain?
  3. by   TigerGalLE
    My seasonal flu shot made my arm pretty sore.... Just typical muscle soreness after an IM injection... My H1N1 did not hurt at all and my arm was never sore.

    I think it has to do with shot placement.
  4. by   meluhn
    I have witnessed the flu shot being given and I have often thought that it looks wierd the way it is being given. Correct me if I am wrong but whenI give an IM in the deltoid I use the armpit as my lower border(I draw an imaginery line from the part where you take a axillary temp) across the arm and 2 fingers below the acromian process as the upper border. I try to shoot for right in the center of these 2 landmarks. Did anyone learn a different way? I see it being given as if it is a subq more towards the back of the arm or too low on the humerus. This is just one more reason (forme personally), to never get the flu shot.
  5. by   OzzietheWaterWizzard
    I got a seasonal flu vaccination in my left arm about a month ago. There was nothing remarkable about the injection or site selection at all. No immediate pain. A few days later, my left elbow began hurting. It's a dull, achy pain that does not go away. Not sharp or stabbing. It continues to hurt, especially if I am attempting to lift something with my arm extended. Grasping a cup of coffee with my left hand extended hurts a great deal and it seems that I've lost strength. My right arm is fine. I am concerned that I've developed arthritis (I am in my late 40's) as a result of this flu shot.
  6. by   myomega
    I have had weakness and sharp pains running down my arm since I had the flu shot. My husband said you probably slept on it wrong. It has now been over a month and it aches and very heavy with weakness. I work in Clinical Research and asked my supervisor which stated the shot could have possibly hit the nerve and to make sure to call Employee Health and report the incident in case I made some type of therapy later. I am just glad I asked after the continued symptoms, so I didn't just look like I am neurotic.
  7. by   canesdukegirl
    WOW! This is an OLLLLLDDD thread!
  8. by   traumaRUs
    Hopefully, everyone has recovered from the 2005 flu shot.

    However, we can't provide medical advice and encourage you to seek care.