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  3. by   oramar
    So I will try to tell you what it was about. Supposedly, there are some nurses in Poland who are being accused of killing patients in some sort of money making sceme with undertakers. The story was so far fetched I did not know whether to laugh or cry.
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    Hi Oramar,

    I fixed your link, it should work now, I hope. Now I will go read it.

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    Thanks for fixing link, say I love that little bluebird icon. I think it is the cutest one I have seen yet.
  6. by   P_RN
    Thats terrible.

    At one of my former places of employment there was the rumor that one or more of the orderlies were calling a specific funeral home when a patient died. There was no indication that the orderlies had anything to do with the death just the "referrals."

    That funeral home would then contact the relative and ask "WHEN would they like the funeral!"

    Many times the bewildered family member assumed that another relative had already made the arrangements, and so they just went along with it.

    Apparently this went on for years. Every time I think I have seen it all......hmmmm.
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    Oramar, I'm glad you like my little bird icon. The name Bassbird comes from the fact that I play bass guitar and Bird is a nickname for Roberta

    I always wonder if people think it's bass as in the fish?
  8. by   oramar
    This story could be totally true or totally false. Or some of it could be true and some of it could be false. It is also possible that the press is calling attendants or orderlies nurses. We all know that has happened many times.
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    Bassbird -

    Another bass-playing female!!! How about that? I've always thought that the coolest person in the band was the bassist.

    I don't play any more - I need my fingertips for IV's and phlebotomy. When I retire, I'm taking it back up!!


  10. by   frann
    when my dad was in the icu to get cabg, he got confused. He wanted us to get him out of there because he was sure they were going to kill him to sell his organs.
    Well when he died next day after surgery we sure didn't give his organs away
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    Hey Dennie

    It's good to know there are other "nurse bassists" out there. I haven't played much since last summer and my callouses are gone. Now it hurts when I play

    I plan on playing again after school is done and I have a "real" job. :chuckle

    Take care!