Gobble, Gobble; Happy Thanksgiving, Nurses! - page 3

In case I don't log on tomorrow, I want to wish everyone here a safe, loving and happy Thanksgiving. I'll be going to the in laws tomorrow. What are you all doing?... Read More

  1. by   pagandeva2000
    Thank you, CITCAT for sharing your story. And, I hope that you gain companionship and support in your life. You do have it here with us. :0)
  2. by   leslie :-D
    hoping everyrone's day was meaningful.

    ea yr, i predictably remind myself of my blessings.
    this yr caught me off guard.
    i just started working nocs, a few wks ago.
    i'm not sleeping.
    my cycle is 2 days w/o sleep, 3rd day i avg around 5.
    i haven't slept since tuesday.

    i got home from work around 8 this a.m.
    ed was cleaning the house when i came home.
    after that, he started cooking up a storm.
    he insisted on cooking the entire thanksgiving dinner...
    AND he cleaned everything up.
    he's worried that i've been looking so tired.
    dinner was just us and the kids, and everyone was happy and relaxed.
    i ate in my jammies.
    even though i count my blessings every yr, today i was flooded with gratitude.
    and what a perfect day it was.
    i'm still walking on air.
    now, if i could only float off to sleep.

  3. by   Shantas
    Hey guys...hope you all had wonderfull turkey dinner....I just got back from work after doing 12 hrs shift....we had a great day and got double and half time paid.....I wish it would be Holidays every day!!!!!
    We did get our "free" turkey dinner.
    But I got to share this with you all.....we all lined up for our free lunch in the cafeteria....our house supervisor ask the lady at the register that this employee on a floor did not bring her badge if she will be able to get her free turkey lunch...In respose the lady at the register told her that the employee would not be allowed to get her free turkey lunch without her badge...so our Supervisor ask her..." I am the house supervisor and even if I tell you that she is my employee and she has my permission to get the free lunch you wont give it to her?" The lady replied to her "No way as its a direction from our manager".....
    The funny thing is that that lady at the register is also an employee...
    We all looked at each other and we could not beleive they would deny an employee her lunch just for a stupid ID badge.....how low can you get....come on its Thanks Giving Day....