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TiggerBelly has 4 years experience and specializes in ALF, Medical, ER.

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  1. TiggerBelly

    TPA when drunk

    Was there a blood alcohol level done? Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  2. TiggerBelly

    IVC but no policy

    In my ED we will sign pink commitment papers for someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol. These papers are good for 48 hours. White commitment papers are for psych issues (SI, depression, acute psychosis). These patients can be either minor or adult. White papers good for 72 hours Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  3. TiggerBelly

    Charting Systems

    We use Medhost in our ED. Best charting system ever. Point and click, very simple to use Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  4. TiggerBelly

    Nurse Corps loan repayment 2015

    Denied again. So frustrated Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  5. TiggerBelly

    Nurse Corps loan repayment 2015

    Mine still says under review. Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  6. TiggerBelly

    Administering Fentanyl

    In the ED we give it frequently IV. Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  7. TiggerBelly

    Any HRSA 2015 Applicants?

    Has anyone not had a credit check done and gotten the award? Do you have to have a good credit score to be in the running for the award?
  8. sorry for the confusing title. I need some input My father-in-law had a massive stroke 4 days ago. Right side paralysis, no swallowing ability, no coherent speech Until tonight He had (on numerous occasions) told us that he absolutely did not want to have feeding tubes/ breathing tubes to sustain life. He would always tell us that if he could live on his own, that he did not want anything "artificial" to sustain him. So in honoring his wishes, he is now a DNR/DNI. One of his sons leaned over him tonight to tell him goodbye and that he loved him (he lives out of town and had to leave). My father-in-law (after days of no speech at all, only moaning) clearly said to him "I love you too". Is this type of purposeful movement/speech common in end-of-life patients? Any experience with this? I am not looking for medical advice. I understand the rules of this message board. Just trying to get an idea if this is expected. Thank you for reading and for any replies you may have.
  9. TiggerBelly

    Trauma roon in your ED... who gets it?

    Generally whoever has the trauma room also has two other rooms. If that nurse gets a trauma, then we try to not put any patients in her other two rooms, or if we do then they are very minor care patients (med refills, coughs etc). We all try to pitch in and help and keep an eye on her other rooms. After all, if we were in her shoes, we would want someone to help us as well. Gotta work together!
  10. TiggerBelly

    How long to wait for license number?

    Ok took boards Wednesday. Got good pop-up. Found out today that I passed via the Quick results. So about how much longer do I have to wait to recieve a license number? My job will not start training nor paying me as a nurse until I get that number. Any ideas how much longer I have to wait?
  11. TiggerBelly

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Took boards this morning. 77 questions, a bunch of SATA and priority. Got the good pop up on Pearson Vue. Waiting on more official results, but so far so good! I studied using Kaplan. My school mandated us using it. I did all of the Q bank questions and all of the diagnostic tests.
  12. TiggerBelly

    Dansko "dress code" at your place of work

    As a previous poster said, refer to your school's policy on dress code, not the hospital's. I am in my final semester of nursing and we are still required to wear all white top to bottom regardless of what facility we are doing clinicals at. And yes be sure to break your Danskos in before attempting to wear them for twelve hours straight. Just a couple hours each day to mold them to your foot.
  13. TiggerBelly

    Thank you to the Techs....

    As a nursing student and an ER tech, thank you for your appreciation! I try to do what I can for the nurses to help them out. I think that anytime I am busy, I imagine how they must feel with all the additional charting, meds, stuff like that. I thank the nurses for answering every question I have and for helping me in my studies. And I hope that one day, when I am a nurse, I have a tech like myself who will do what he/she can to help me. Thanks for showing the love!
  14. TiggerBelly

    How do I position myself to get hired in an ER as a PCT?

    I managed to get in because I was already working in the hospital on the medical floor. I was getting bored with my job, so I inquired about the ER and was lucky enough to get in. It helped that I had the previous experience of working on the floor and was also attending school. I love my ER job (most days) and have learned alot from working there.
  15. TiggerBelly

    Tell me if this is the norm in your er!

    There is absolutely no way a tech should be suturing anyone regardless of how much training they have. A doctor or a PA should be the only one suturing anything. That goes beyond the tech's scope of practice.
  16. TiggerBelly

    What and where do your CNAs document?

    I don't know what caretracker is but we do have a computerized charting system. I am an ER tech and I chart everything I do including splints,vitals,comfort measures, output etc etc. Whatever it is that the CNA is responsible for is what they should be charting on.