Gift for my preceptor

  1. Tomorrow is my last day of role transition clinical. My preceptor was great and I want to thank him. Most of my classmates got Starbucks gift cards for their nurses. However, my preceptor doesnt like coffee. Actually, he hates it. I was really busy with my other job and clinicians and I havent got him anything,. so today I picked up a 25$ gift card (american express). But now I wonder if this is appropriate. There is literally no difference between this gift card and cash. On the other hand, it is just a small amount...

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
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  3. by   AnnieNP
    The best gift I ever received was a note expressing what my student appreciated about our time! I still have it 5 years later.
  4. by   FutureNurse0201
    I have a note as well, but we did notes for every single rotation. This is more than a regular rotation, and he has been the best preceptor i had during the entire program.
  5. by   Miss.Jersey
    The personalized note will mean a lot. My favorite practical gift would probably have to be one of these new vacuum ainsulated thermal stainless steel cups. If he doesn't drink coffee, he can fill it with ice that'll keep his water cold all day and night, encouraging some hydration too.

    You can get a basic one at Walmart, or even get them customized. Here's a fun example of a custom mug that I found on
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  6. by   SeasonedTech
    The gift card you picked out is a good gift
  7. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I would give him the gift card with a hand written thank you card!

  8. by   cleback
    I wouldn't stress. No need to be fancy. A sincere thank you is appreciated.
  9. by   Alex_RN
    I was lucky that my preceptor was hardcore keto so I got him keto snacks. Your gift card is nice and less costly than exotic snacks off the Internet. I always figure anyone who has been a nurse for awhile already has an oversupply of RN themed items. Coffee or chocolate is always welcome by me!
  10. by   FutureNurse0201
    Thank you all, I gave him an envelope with a thank you note and a gift card. You are right, it is ok and he get spend it on whatever he likes