getting staph infections in hopsitals

  1. my grandfather just ppassed away -we at first werent even sure what was wrong - it wasnt his chf back ( he had just been in hospital for chf and was sent home after a week - wasnt home even a day - they were clueless - they dreew lab cultures - i am so angry MAJOR
    ( meaning from when they took the lab for culture it grew in less
    than 6 hours- doc said fastest he has ever seen it grow and so
    harsh ) there was staph infection in his blood - prior to learning this i had
    just that morning reported the lab woman for using unwashed ungloved
    hands to touch the lab draw site BEFORE she stuck him!!!he had been
    in the hsopital the last week before and he i am sure had blood
    drawn - i am trying to find out if this lab lady was anywhere near
    him the week before-- damn staff infection - in his blood stream
    after getting blood draws from unwashed ungloved hands- i am super
    angry!!! i dont know what else to say. i am super angry. and i
    know there would really be no way to prove thats where he got it.(
    we all have staff all over us so theyd just say he got it after
    going home - yeah though he was home not even a whole day and it was bad
    enough to grow in less than 6 hours virilantly - i dont think so -
    its obvious to me it was festering before he even left the hopsital
    for little time he was out..........

    i KNOW it came from the hospital - typically cultures take at least
    72 hours to grow out so you can see WHAT is in there and his culture
    grew in less than 6 hours and there was HUGE amount of the staph in
    the growth which also shows itd been going on quite a few days already if
    not more - he was only home from the hospital not even a day prior to
    goingback in after being there over a week - but there really is no
    way to prove it unfortunantley. so now we just go on and live life
    best we know - without him. had he been healthier he may have made
    it but he wasnt - that part certainly isnt the hospitals fault but i
    am positive the infection is and this to shall pass as the saying
    goes. thanks for listening to my rant............

    worst part i bet the lab lady i reported before we knew he had the infection didnt even get wrote up - she was rude and unsanitary and had a big mouth. the nurse just made excuses saying she was new - ahhh bull - oh well. happy thanksgiving.
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  3. by   yai J, RN
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss... I hope that someone, somewhere, learns from mistakes that (may have?) happened.
  4. by   augigi
    I'm sorry to hear about your loss at this time on the holidays.

    Your anger is understandable.

    It would be very unlikely that someone would get a majoy staph bacteremia from a blood draw. Did he have indwelling lines while he was in hospital? Any procedures?
  5. by   jmgrn65
    I am so sorry for your loss.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I am so sorry for your loss. However, we can not provide any advice as to what caused your dear Grandfather's death. I would advise you to contact his physician and also write a letter to the hospital expressing your concerns.

    Please take care.