getting out of my stundent loan

  1. thank you for you advice
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  3. by   ERNurse752
    Maybe I missed it somewhere, but what exactly happened?
  4. by   jemb
    Why don't you write to your parents? Or maybe your high school administrator? (I'm being facetious here, although considering your writing skills, the high school administrator ......never mind..)

    One major rule of life in our society --You borrow money, you pay it back! Maybe your attitude of "somone else is responsible" had something to do with your being "robbed" of graduating.

    Go get a job and start making payments like a responsible adult!!!
  5. by   colleen10
    Where's that icon of the happy face under the chair when you need it? That should be an All.Nurses Staple
  6. by   KarafromPhilly
    jemb <-----------knows that the gerund takes the possessive
  7. by   colleen10
    Seriously though, there is nothing you can do, no one you can write to. When you fill out the paper work to take out a student loan it very clearly states that you must pay back the loan, even if you don't graduate, or if you even do graduate but can't find a job, etc. Doesn't matter, it must be paid back.
  8. by   iliel
    You can file for a hold on the loan (I can't remember for the life of me what it's called) for up to one year. Intrest still adds up but you don't have to make any payments. That may give you enough time to get your head together and figure out a plan to take care of the loan.
    As the other posters have said, you do have to pay it back. I took out a 10,000 loan at another school several years ago and didn't graduate, I didn't like what I was doing but now I have to pay it back. Nothing will ruin your credit more than defulting on student loans. It sucks to have to pay for something you never recieved but that's how it works!
    I am not trying to insult anyone here, I just want to try to help you go in the right direction.
  9. by   SirJohnny
    Step 1:

    - Calm down & learn how to write. Not sure what you are trying to say.

    - Can you tell us the entire story?

  10. by   SirJohnny
    Step 2:

    - Even if you declare bankruptcy -- student loans must be paid back.

    Step 3:

    - If you feel the school was a fraud - then you need to speak to an attorney and take it from there. But in general, there is no recourse unless the school committed fraud or discrimmination.

  11. by   colleen10
    Here is a link to VeeDots post regarding her situation

    Hope this works
  12. by   echo*echo
    A loan is a loan and regardless of what happened in your class you are obligated to pay it back. As another poster said, even declaring bankruptcy won't erase student loan debt.

    I took out student loans the first time I went to college. I switched majors a few times and eventually dropped out. Yes I was responsible for repaying the loans even though I didn't graduate. It took me about 8 years to do so.
  13. by   colleen10
    Depending on your situation, you may be able to defer your payments for a few months. I think that's what iliel was referring to. If you can defer it for a while then you can figure out what school you will transfer to or if you can go back to your old school and hopefully by the time you start classes again, somewhere, you're deferment will be over but you'll be back in school and thus won't have to start paying them again til after you graduate.
  14. by   iliel
    Defer ! That's the word!