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So last night was a terrible night..ran around like usual. But I had this pt. who I had the previous night also. She's a Nephro RN and was on my unit for pulm. HTN and eval for lung transplant. So we... Read More

  1. by   Suitepea79
    my aunt has chf and is on dig too.
  2. by   hyacinthe_73
    Thanks for the response, i'm learning a lot from all you great nurses! keep it coming!
  3. by   Roy Fokker
    Hey, if pts. rave about you months after they were under your care; I'd say you were doing something right

    Good show!

  4. by   Vito Andolini
    I think you should go to Med school. Seriously.

    Oh, and the young part (he does this with you because you're young). Enjoy it while it lasts. We all get old and gray. And wrinkled. Even flabby, bald, and so on.
  5. by   Pierrette
    Quote from momofstudent
    Hey, in another solar system people might call you a self promotor or even overly proud.
  6. by   michelios19RN
    I'm a pre-nursing student. After reading your story I felt overwhelmed. In the short time that I have to train to be a nurse, will I be as knowledgeable as you? There were so many words and abbreviations I couldn't wrap my head around. I guess it just goes to show how much I have to learn.
  7. by   merit119
    great story!!!!
  8. by   llltapp
    Very nice job! As an ER nurse though, I'm curious as to what her presenting complaint was and why if she was being sent to a cardiac floor she was not evaluated for arrythmia??? it IS possible that she went into a-fib suddenly (lol). Cardizem is the drug of choice, but dig is also acceptable in certain circumstances. This patient would never have left our ER without a full cardiac workup so just curious ..........
  9. by   Takiyah
    Wow...great story! You know your stuff and you should definitely look into the APN in cardiology.
  10. by   NursingRocks1998
    You're awesome- I'm in school but I hope I can be a rock star like you one day! Keep it up- you sound like a wonderful nurse that would make a great NP
  11. by   ntnu
    dig is not ineffective, but rather effective in the management of chf, especially if CHF is as a result of A-Fib with RVR. the negative chronotropic and positive inotropic properties of this med helps wonderfully. Add lasix iv, and you have a good combo.