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  1. Best Nursing Shoes/Sneakers

    My friend bought me a pair of white Skechers Shape Ups for graduation- I work 12s and they are awesome- so comfortable! They were weird at first since they are rounded, but I got used to them quickly and now I can't even tell they are shaped "weird"...
  2. How long did it take you to get a job?

    Don't be discouraged...I graduated last March, got licensed in April, and did not start my job until November. I had to relocate, and its a small hospital...but its Med-Surg and its everything I wanted. I could have had a job sooner, but I refused ...
  3. MIHP (Maternal Infant Health Program)

    Thanks for the info Laborofluv- I did check out the forms online, and I started doing the modules when I was going to sign on with that agency, but the agency didn't give me a very good vibe, and now I won't have the time, especially since my hosp. o...
  4. MIHP (Maternal Infant Health Program)

    I'm actually not doing that...I had planned on it, but got into a hospital instead!! It seems very interesting though, and right up my alley. I start my new hospital job in 11 days! Wish me luck!
  5. How much should I get?

    I'm going to agree with nearly all the other posters and offer my 2 cents- DON'T do it! $10/hr? For an RN? I would ask them if they are serious! Good luck- I think there are bigger things out there for you. As a new grad myself, I can relate to ...
  6. MIHP (Maternal Infant Health Program)

    Hi all, As a new grad I just got a job with a home care agency doing the Maternal Infant Health Program. Sounds pretty great, and since I want to be a L&D nurse, its right up my alley. FYI, I also have a BA in Psych. I was just wondering if an...
  7. New Grad Freaking Out!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did a very similar thing recently- took the same shift (3-1130) at an LTC facility and with 5 days orientation as a brand new grad...I lasted 2 days on my own and never came back. I was so stressed and so scared of losing my license or God forbid ...
  8. A real nurse

    If you're a nurse educator and you're in there with your students, being one of the exceptional instructors who helps shape the future of nursing, you're a REAL nurse in my book- kudos to you for taking the time to teach AND maintain your ICU job par...
  9. growth and development care plan goal

    If she is developmentally 12 months old, then just tailor the G&D goals to that of a 12-month-old?? Maybe I'm being too simplistic, just a thought :)
  10. The above poster is absolutely right. Yes, you can do this!! Good luck!
  11. anyone here get a degree in psychology?

    I got a BA in Psych in 2003- Couldn't do very much with it-worked for peanuts as a foster care case worker and burned out quick-- decided since I love helping people and find medicine just fascinating that I would become a nurse!
  12. Do you snitch on cheaters?

    To answer the OP question in one word...ABSOLUTELY!

    To all the nurses with experience who post helpful advice on these threads: A big thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us students on these threads...a lot of it has been so helpful- from supplementing what I've learned in ...
  14. What should I know already?

    I also started out with no experience in the health care field, and I was super nervous too- I hadn't taken a blood pressure either-- DON'T worry, like the other poster said, they will all assume you know nothing, so its okay! I'm now in my 3rd quar...
  15. Peds/OB exams coming up!

    I have to do really well on my finals to pass the quarter (you need an 84 to pass each class) and I was wondering if anyone had any great supplemental websites or reference books to recommend? We also have to take a HESI-type specialty online exam th...