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I'm starting to get a complex. In recent cath attempts, I keep running into patients who have stuff prolapsed, holes in strange places, and generally not at all textbook anatomy. I confirm with a... Read More

  1. by   emily_mom
    I don't think they fixed it back in the old days...remember medicine has come a LONG way even since the 50's. I would assume even if they were shooting sideways it is still gonna get some swimmers up there. Probably just had to have more sex...eww!

  2. by   CountrifiedRN
    I saw this post and decided to add my own story...

    Got to do my very first cath on a female this past semester. The woman was very large, and my instructor is not the type to jump in and help, just observes. Got the cath kit set up fine, and had to hold the womans stomach out of the way with one hand while cleaning the peri area. Went to find the appropriate hole with the cath, and it wasn't there! The instructor didn't see it either, so told me to "hold on", and went to get another nurse. So there I stand with the cath in one hand, the abdomen in the other, and the second nurse comes in and can't find it either. So they get another nurse, from L&D, and she probes while I am still holding the abdomen out of the way, arm shaking from fatigue at this point, and finally finds it up inside the vagina. But there are two holes, so we took a guess, and luckily got it on the first try.

    I never thought that cathing a pt would be so strenuous, but man, did my arm get a workout that day! My arm and shoulder that I had to use to hold the abdomen out of the way with was sore for three days! No one prepared me for that! I always thought every one looked the same "down there"!!
  3. by   Teshiee
    No, you are not alone. When I worked in a LTC. I had to cath an 80 year old woman it was a challenging thing but I found it. So now cathing a female isn't that much harder once you have to do some fancy maneuvering.
  4. by   jfpruitt
    I did my first cath on a 55 yr old with no labia minora. Just Majora's, how rare is that?