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I'm starting to get a complex. In recent cath attempts, I keep running into patients who have stuff prolapsed, holes in strange places, and generally not at all textbook anatomy. I confirm with a... Read More

    LMAO! You baby!

  2. by   Lausana
    Hey! My half birthday is in a few weeks :roll
    My real birthday is in 7 days! I would adjust your weekly budget accordingly.

  4. by   WHEDRN
    How about the ones that haven't seen the light of day in many many years---all red and excoriated!! yukkk we had a " 4 Nurse" cath job recently --550 lb female--- a nurse on each leg and one pushing up the pendulous abdomen while I ventured with goggles and mask (PEW) to find the lost hole!!! Got it though!!
  5. by   kids
    I graduated from Nursing school with a girl that swiped one of those clear plastic speculums from her OB/Gyns office, took it home and used it on herself...she wanted to know what her girl parts looked like.

    Yes, she was VERY bizzare in other ways too.
    Admit it Nancy.... it was you.

  7. by   kids
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Admit it Nancy.... it was you.

    Nope, I barely tolerate my annual visit to the Gyn...I sure ain't gonna do it for fun!

    Besides, my husband husband checked for me and he says my parts are "perfect".
  8. by   adrienurse
    All doctors who only use the metal speculums (cold cold and pointy) should be subjected to the same thing.

    I myself, am forever on a quest for a new doctor.
  9. by   sunnygirl272
    ugh..i have to go and have my pap redone...insufficeint th edoc's uterus is waaaaaay tipped, and therefore hard to even visualize the cervix....and because it's so tipped, paps are veeeeeeeeeeeeery uncomfortable therefore hard to relax, therefore even harder to get to it.....

    any advice??? anyone?
  10. by   live4today
    Prop your buns up on a pillow or firm wedgy before the doc does your pap, sunnygirl. I heard something to this effect from one of my old nursing professors years ago. Anyone else ever hear of such a thing?
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  11. by   Goofball
    Originally posted by FullMoonMadness
    just this past weekend i had to cath a 78 year old male with a penile implant.this was the most unatural feeling apendage.The end of his penis was just suspended in air and it really freaked me, which is weird 'cause i thouhgt i had seen it all and nothing much gets me freaked.I wanted to tell him "just because you can dosnt mean you should"

    We recently had a comatose patient come up from E.R., and nobody mentioned about the implant. The thing was huge, and as you describe, just sort of waving in the air, playing Omar the Tentmaker with the sheet. When I whipped the sheet down (we were going to lift/slide the guy from a guerney into the ICU bed) I had to stifle a scream!
  12. by   jstinerich
    I was called in by another Rn to help find the urethra. We couldn't find it! Inside of her labia looked like a round ball with "potato eyes on it." We placed the woman on a bed pan and watched her void. She had urine coming from all the different eyes. She told us of having only one child and a very traumatic birth without the aid of a hospital, doctor, or midwife. The nurse called the doc and he chastized her -- until he took her and couldn't find a place to insert the catheter either!
  13. by   RN2B2005
    I thought penile hypospadias was usually corrected shortly after birth? Wouldn't it affect a man's later fertility if the meatus was somewhere under the scrotum?