Fraudulant nursing assistant scam ...scary!

  1. Found this while surfing the web, didn't have the link to the actual site, sorry.... Very scary stuff though!

    70 Arrests Made in Nursing Fraud Ring
    .c The Associated Press
    LOS ANGELES (AP) - More than 70 people have been arrested over the last three
    months in an investigation of a ring that allegedly infiltrated the state's
    nursing assistant testing system and issued fraudulent certificates,
    prosecutors said.

    As a result of the scheme, nursing homes throughout the city unwittingly
    hired dozens of unqualified nurse assistants, officials said. State health
    officials have so far revoked 124 nursing assistant certificates.

    ``It's a new crime of opportunity,'' said Deputy Attorney General Mark
    Zahner. ``They don't care that they're putting lives at risk by sticking
    people in nursing homes under false pretenses and putting them into a
    position to really hurt somebody.''

    Two people, Juan Carlos Cano, 25, a licensed vocational nurse, and Carole Ann
    Lopez, 40, a registered nurse, pleaded no contest last month to felony
    charges that they orchestrated the scheme. Both were sentenced to 300 days in
    jail and five years' probation, and together they owe nearly $100,000 in
    fines and restitution.

    Seventy-six people have been charged with paying for a nurse assistant
    certificate and then using the credential to find work at nursing homes.

    The scheme was discovered when a nursing home administrator called state
    authorities asking how an employee who didn't read or speak English was able
    to pass the test.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Hope BOTh loose their licences for unethical behavior.
  4. by   fedupnurse
    As scary as that is Hoolihan, when we were on strike back in '93, the idiots in the plush carpeted area hired a nurse without seeing his or her license. Turns out the person never had one! And that was one of the scabs who stayed after the strike. 2 Years!!!!!! Worked in the ER too!
    Yet another great reason to avoid a striking hospital like the plague!!
  5. by   oramar
    At least one person had the brains to ask questions. Reminds me of the state employee who was selling license to drive trucks carrying hazzardous materials in Pennsylvania. Can you imagine a person who does not even know how to drive an eighteen wheeler roaring down the road in a truck loaded with explosive chemicals.
  6. by   pfleige
    Scams are rampant!
  7. by   NannaNurse
    Actually.....this is not as scary as it seems.......I've worked with some NA's that actually passed and were STILL terrible!!

    But seriously.....We do need a better system....but I know that is asking WAY TOO MUCH!! It seems if you want to make imprivements to better takes an act of congress...and lately, that seems to be a raw deal too! We just need to keep our eyes and ears open. I have one Tech that is just not 'cut out for the job'...she is rude to our pts, hateful to co-workers and complains all the time. I'm sure she is a 'nice person'....just not a nice tech.....I did report her after all of my pts one day.....