Forgive me--yet another shoe question

  1. I know this has been posted before but I'm a bit confused about which shoes would be best when I start clinicals. I'm interested in the Dansko Jette mainly because I know it is a good shoe and I also have plantar fascitis so I need good support and comfort. They have quite a bit of a platform on them. Would this cause problems, i.e. like tripping over my own two feet or something?
    We cannot wear clogs so it has to be lace up or slip on. And I'm not sure that a good pair of sneakers will give me the support that I need from being on my feet all day.

    Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hmmmm..... I'm looking for a good pair of shoes too but I don't have any problems with my feet so I was thinking of going with a sneaker that is a bit cheaper.

    I do recall reading about "ZCoil" shoes on a few of these threads. They are extremely expensive and hard to get so, there wasn't a whole lot of feedback from people on the board that actually had a pair. You can order through the internet but they suggest that you go directly to one of their stores to be fitted for them. But, I heard those that have them swear by them and if you have problem feet it may be well worth the investment. They also have a very high heel too, makes me wonder if I wouldn't fall flat on my face in a pair of them.

    On another note, is that a picture of Dave in your avitar? If so, yeah! I just saw him in concert twice, two weekends ago. First show was a ways back but still I had a seat. Second night, always the best, I was in the Pit, third row center. Incredible!!!!

    P.S. If it isn't Dave, too bad I'm married because he looks a lot like him.
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  4. by   debralynn
    When I first started LPN school, I bought some regular nursing shoes, and they killed my feet. So I went to the nearest Shoe Carnival, and got me some New Balance sneakers, and they made my feet feel, M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S!!!!
  5. by   nialloh
    After I graduated, I went looking for dicent footware that would keep my feet in good condition. I bought New Balance by mistake, and it was the best mistake I ever made. My feet have never felt better, and they are not the most expensive out there.
  6. by   suzy253
    Thanks for replying. I will check out the New Balance as well. I really love this board for exchange of information. It's the best.

    By the way, the piccy in my avitar is the most lucious (in my opinion), John Cusack. Here I am a married woman, just turned 50 and I have a piccy of John Cusack. I can dream, can't I???

    Cheers for now.
  7. by   renerian
    New Balance and wonderful shoes especially if you have wide feet like me, woman's 61/2 D.

  8. by   tonchitoRN
    i used to wear some cheapy dr. scholls to work everyday. they were wonderful. plus they were cheap enough that i did not mind replacing them every few months when they started to look ugly. i think i bought them at walmart. in this case being expensive does not make them better. look around. good luck.
  9. by   ERNurse752
    I have Dansko Professional them. Also have Anywheres, which are good...also like the Birkenstock Super Birki. I just like shoes.