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I posted this in another section inadvertantly. How do you feel about foreign recruitment of nurses to deal with the nursing shortage. As stated in other post, forgive me if this topic has been... Read More

    foreign nurses who qualify to work to the usa are not paid to study nursing in the usa. :chuckle they are already registered nurses in their own country and passed the cgfns (commision on graduates of foreign nursing schools) and the english tests: ielts/toefl & tse.
  2. by   Nuru99

    I am a foreign trained nurse who used to work in the U.S. I can tell you right now that not only did I have to pay for my Bsc on my own ( I was a Registered Nurse in New York state with a diploma) but I had to pay for it at a rate that was over twice that for U.S citizens.

    I also paid for my own NCLEX exams and visa processing. I worked hard to pay for these. I remember at one time I was working so much overtime to pay for these that one day I was in the supermarket on my day off doing some shopping and realized that I really felt strange. I then finally realized that the reason I felt so strange was because I wasn't wearing scrubs and was out of uniform.

    I am proud of where I am today. There were times when things did get hard but I have never blamed anyone (most certainly not any group!!!) for any problems which I have had.

    I have been spat at in elevators on my way to work because someone felt that someone of my complexion shouldn't be in that hospital. It made me angry but I didn't think that the whole of New York State behaved that way and so I didn't blame the whole state never mind the whole country!!!!.

    globalRN I read the following post from you

    "I am disappointed that when foreign nurses were used as scapegoats, or when their collective character/background were impugned there was very little response from this board"

    I would have definitely had something to say sooner but I only just found this thread now.

    I think that you should be proud off all the hard work you have put into becoming an RN. You most certainly have my respect. ( I worked for my degree too but I didn't have a family to care for at the time).

    We all have worked hard to get to where we are and we all (I am sure have had to make sacrifices ) but to blame a group for all your woes is not only dangerous it's stupid. Especially when it is based on here say.
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    Again can I please add my two cents, for whatever they are worth..............this is an old thread brought up again......................

    first.................The only way a foreign nurse can come to the US to work is by applying and receiving a green card, which gives them permanent residency. They are required to have English skills the same as a native speaker. The must pass the same exams that you need to do..........They are responsible for paying taxes, etc., the same as you. Many of our parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents came over here and were welcomed..........Why can't you welcome the people that want to come over to the US now as our families were back then?

    Their schooling isn't being paid for by any one in the US, they have paid for it themselves................they have paid for all of the additional training that is required by themselves..................they may get their NCLEX exam and Visa Screen fees reimbursed, but that is about the extent of it. Many of you are getting sign-on bonuses, even as much as $10,000........................
    There will always be people emigrating to other countries, look at how many postings that are on this forum about American nurses wishing to move and work in other countries...............remember that the world is getting smaller and smaller.................Give everyone a chance....................