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  1. i live in melbourne fl and am really disappointed in the nursing jobs here. i just moved here from il and just don't feel like the opportunities are as good here and it is really discourging.
    and no i can't move back to il (military spouse)any advice from nurses who live in this area?
    any info on where to look or work work be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you look for a agency job, the pay will be much better and so will the flexibility of schedules. If your husband has benefits it is a great alternative to being staff.
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    I was unable to email you, however if you email me at NurseLogic@aol.com I will give you a great lead in FL.
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    Did you already try Holmes REgional? What about Wuesthoff Memorial, In Rockledge, or Cape Canaveral Hospital? They shouldn't be long distance calls from where you are.

    I lived 40 years in North Brevard County before I moved to the mountains. I did clinicals at all of the hospitals in the county except Cape Canaveral, and worked CCU
    /tele and ER at Wuesthoff. It is a really good hospital, with good docs.

    Good luck on your search!
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    thanks for the posts so far.
    Do you recommend agency nursing to nurses of 1 1/2 years experience?
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    Hey Faithrn!
    A little off turn here, but I used to live in Melbourne! Isn't it beautiful? (At least what I remember, it is....)
    Chin up and try to have a great time there!

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    On the "home page" is a current article about the nursing shortage in Florida.

    There are plenty of unfilled nursing jobs in that State, but the average RN pay is less than $18/hour (according to its own figures), so the remedies proposed in that article are probably irrelevant.

    If you were expecting adequate pay, faith, you're not likely to find it there, but lots of low paying LTC positions you will find.