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Does anyone else have a problem with packs of residents/interns/med students blocking hallways? I have always mentioned to nurses that sometimes the "whitecoats" look like flocks of lost birds, but... Read More

  1. by   Aussienurse2
    LOL!! Used to happen all the time at a hospital I worked in, have you tried going into the doctors room? When they ask why I'm there I just say "Well I thought they must have moved the rooms around with all of you in there!"
    In the hallways I interupt them and advise them that it is in contavention of the health and safety rules to crowd the corridors most of them now see me coming and move atomatically. Like Moses parting the Red Sea LOL!!!
  2. by   prn nurse
    Canoehead, you are so right. They really don't know where to stand.

    Also, this is their "classroom." The resident or god forbid ...faculty -- admitting dr.-- might ask one of them a question about the pt. &/or the pt.'s diagnosis. God forbid if they moved out of hearing range of the doc leading the herd.

    Also, the teaching doc, only goes over this info "one time", so they are anxious and fearful they might miss something important, something they will be grilled on and tested on later.

    Medical school is verrrrry hard....

    I give 'em a break.... cause most of them are scared senseless the 1st 2 years.

    They have invested a LOT of time & money just to get to this point.................... and they STILL don't know nuthin'.
  3. by   Estella
    The hospital I work in is also a teaching facility. When the "Momma duck and baby ducks" are waddling around our CCU, they have the same habit of blocking patient doors, walkways, and even our medication area. (Do they have a class for that, along with unintelligible handwriting?!!)

    I've found that the friendly smile works well, when you can get their attention. "I need to get through,please," is sufficient when you cannot break into their awareness. One particualrly stubborn set of docs wouldn't let me into the patient's room when a vent was alarming, so I walked over to the Code cart and unplugged it. THAT got their attention, and as they scurried around looking for anyone else running to the code, I slipped into the room to attend my patient.

    Does anyone else dread Julys?
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    Lol, this may seem fantastic, but it works for me. I think about getting their attention in my mind, and then they all become alerted to me. They don't know to change their position, but at least they are physically aware of a little man like me. They know who I am because of my dress and my ID. If a white bird is in the way, I just careen around them. The birds don't bother me. Now I feel comfortable with playing twister, if necessary, with these white birds @ bedside. Male or female whitebirds are just objects in your way, so just negotiate the obsticle as you would any IV pole or scale, etc.
    You have the ability to control the invisible magnetic energies of life.
  5. by   micro
    those white birds are feeling a lot of bird stress......
    i remember many white flocks such as described......
    let them flock............for they are gaining in their wings.....
    doctors of tomorrow..........students of today..........
    humanity, humanity in the white bird saga

    careening through the white bird maze.........
    where is the obstacle in the haze

    I love your analogy(s)
    crack me up, it is all I can do to stand the docs too on rounds some days........but then again other days it is fine.....
    aussienurse, smiles and respect and tolerance do go a long way.................be Moses' hehehehehehehehehe

    you guys rock, white birds
    cool thread, threadstarter
    white birds........flock in herds......
    or something like that

    :-) micro
  6. by   l.rae
    July is the scariest time of year!....Had ond resident hand me admit orders one year, he ordered the pt's rt. insulin to be given IV bid.....so l say, oh so diplomaticly, "did you mean to order the insulin IV?"..hand him the chart,...embarrassed he marks out the order and as he hands the chart back to me he says, "l meant PO"...so l look and sure nuff..that's what he wrote!...l just stare cause l am at a loss....the NA standing there..(age about 50)..says ''honey, they don't make oral insulin"....Now a really red JR takes the chart back and says, ''l know, it's been a long day''....yeah l guess so...l've had brain farts before, but geezlueez...Anyway, you know how they tell you for instance, that wild animals (like bears) are really afraid of US....same for white birds....stand close, make eye contact and beat your chest.....they will run....a lot of them are really just scared rabbits...l try making friends first...but l always hold my own with them...they might as well learn now........LR
  7. by   Estella
    Last July we had a new white bird sit in a corner of a patient's room reading "The Hobbit" while we coded his patient. His attending walked in as we asked if we could call it.
    I think that white bird got pan-fried after they made it back to the residents' lounge. We never saw him afterward.

    Another, in August, was asked to pronouce a patient while the family was present. An hour later we had to call again because he hadn't shown up. His question to us: "Are there any acute changes?"

    I dread seeing his team color on charts.
  8. by   canoehead
    "Are there any acute changes?"

    Well man, he's getting really stiff and cold- I don't like the looks of this one.
  9. by   Estella
    I think my charge nurse's response was, "Nothing you won't be experiencing if you don't get here STAT!"

    Oh, what a night!:spin:
  10. by   legsmalone
    OH wow, and here I thought we as a flock of nursing students were bad...at least we know Insulin isn't PO and don't stand in the corner during a code...poor little short coats