Fired for Falsifying Documents. What to expect - page 2

Today is extremely difficulty for me. I just started this new job that I absolutely love. I work in a very busy hallway and popped a noon med for one of my residents. I placed it in the med cart and... Read More

  1. by   ruby_jane
    It does seem extremely harsh for a single med error. What's the organization's policy in terms of corrective discipline? It would be worth exploring this with HR not necessarily to get this job back but to make sure you're considered re-hirable.
  2. by   LPNewbie
    This is a very small company and I feel like the chances of getting my job back is very slim. The cart has been incorrect for a while and they felt like since they found my meds, I was the reason meds were not given EVEN THOUGH I but my intials on every med that I popped. I think that's what the worst thing. I feel essentially accused for everything.
  3. by   QuietIsntAWord
    I agree that it was harsh. Do you think this could be some kind of retaliation for reporting her best friend?
  4. by   LPNewbie
    I personally feel like it was. And quite honestly, I don't understand how leaving my meds in the cart was "proof" that I had messed up the med cart. What about all my initials on the blisters proving that I DIDN'T. I deserve a write up. Maybe a suspension. But definitely not a suspension. She missed meds as well and nothing was done.

    Regardless of all these things, I just care about my license. I really hope they don't make it about false documentation. I'm concerned because that is what the HWD said.
  5. by   QuietIsntAWord
    Go to HR!!!!
  6. by   Ginger's Mom
    If this med was a countable med, I can see why you were fired. What was the medication that needed to be counted?
  7. by   QuietIsntAWord
    What do you mean by "messed up the cart"?
  8. by   LPNewbie
    It was a routine med.
  9. by   Workitinurfava
    I feel like I just said something to you or someone else about watching your back, as you reported someone, they will be looking to get you. It doesn't matter whether you did the right thing or not in reporting the person.
  10. by   QuietIsntAWord
    I read some of your previous posts. Do you think these med errors followed you to your new job and they fired you based on that?
  11. by   djh123
    I could be totally wrong, but I can't see how you'd lose your license over this. And let me add - but of course I'm not saying that any mistake(s) we make are ok - but another nurse at work could've already been fired dozens of times for errors, and yeah, I've talked to mgt. about them.
  12. by   djh123
    Quote from LPNewbie
    If this is my concern, I'd gladly take it over losing my license. I feel like I'm too stupid to be a nurse sometimes. I was very proud of my work.
    Making one mistake does NOT make you too stupid to be a nurse, believe me!
  13. by   Davey Do
    Wow. I am in total agreement that this was a harsh move! Jeez, I've made my share of med errors and have never been fired as a result.

    In my med error cases, no harm ever came to the patient. It sounds the same for you, eh LPNewbie?

    Gabapentin is classified as a controlled substance where I work, so that could be something.

    What gets me is the fact that no act, either the med error or the documentation, was done maliciously or with forethought- the actions were a result of human error.

    I wish the very best for you LPNewbie!