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Hello everyone! I was reading through some postings and was thinking, how are we as a patient and how would you rate you as a patient, "Excellent", "Good", "Fair", or "Poor". Although I am... Read More

  1. by   I1tobern
    I try to be a good patient. But, I don't like to "bother" the nurses either. While in the hospital with viral pneumonia (one week post c/s), the doctor didn't want me to even go to the b/r. So, being the good patient I was, I would take my oxygen off and empty my own bedside commode, because I didn't want my nurses to have to. Needless to say, I got caught and chewed out for not calling a nurse.
  2. by   mlolsonny
    I haven't been an inpatient for 11 years.

    I was in for a badly infected bug bite on my right ankle, foot swollen like a football, getting IV antibiotics, on total bedrest--NO BRPs, I hopped to the bathroom cuz I couldn't stand the thought of using the bed pan.

    My nurse just couldn't get over what a quiet patient I was, never asked for anything (I got it myself). The one and only time I used the call-light was when my IV infiltrated and was running down my forearm. I couldn't fix that, LOL.

    So after three days of antibiotics I got to go home. Boy was I glad. Now I'm spending time in the hospital voluntarily (on clinicals). I think I'd be just as independent now though. No whining here.
  3. by   uncRN
    i believe i'm an ideal patient...but when it comes to my loved ones i'm the matriarch of the family from hell... = )
  4. by   shay
    Crabby about wearin' that UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGLLLLYYYYYYY gown!!!! And I'm a big ol' needle chicken from hell....
  5. by   shay
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    :chuckle - don't feel bad, Julie, I am guilty of similar. When my best friend was in the hospital I did the same thing. At one point, she was talking to me and I was distracted checking her pleuravac, she looked at my stomach area and shouted "MY BEST FRIEND, DEE! ARE YOU IN THERE? FIGHT THE NURSE! DON'T LET THE NURSE TAKE OVER! GO AWAY FROM THE CALL LIGHT! GO AWAY FROM THE CALL LIGHT!". :roll
  6. by   Perk
    I am not so great of a pt. I refuse pain meds since I feel the side effects are worse than the relief for me, but hey it's different for my pt's. I also am horrible for follow up appointments with the doctor wehter it is really necessary or not, I think only my dentist really follows up on me and all of his patients.I am also reluctant complainer. Had trouble breathing before one of my Operations, and I was laying on the table trying to say excuse me to the nurse couldn't get it out loud enough, so taped her arm. Actually appologized for botherig her Thankfully it's rare that I am a patient now.
    Have a good one
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    I myself have NEVER been a pt. Don't have any kids or such never had any surgery since I had my wisdom teeth removed back in 1988. I think I'd be a good pt though as I know what I have to deal with at work.

    When my Dad had a total knee replacement back in 2000 at the same hospital at which I was working at the time, I stayed in his room with him until he had woken up a bit. Being the nice person that I am, I wrote his post-op VS on the flowsheet for the nursing assistant and he gave me a look like what in the he!! was I doing? I politely explained to him that I was an RN at this hospital but I work on a different floor. All he said was "oh". No thank you or anything! I watched his IV and it was about to run dry when I went up to his nurse and asked if I could get another bag. She was all "no, I'll do it, you can't touch that". So, I explained to her that I was an RN and worked on a different unit. I know you're busy and I'll hang the new bag of LR for you. This woman was being a total bytch! I was trying to help her and being as I work there in that same hospital, I didn't think she'd have a prob with it. So after that, I went back to my father's room and the IV bag was completely dry by then so I clamped it off. Nancy Nurse comes in and is all "I told you not to touch that, why did you clamp it off". I was like duh, can't you see that the bag is dry?" So, from that point on, I decided NOT to try to help and rang my dad's light for any little thing. I try to help you and you treat me like a dummy? I DON'T THINK SO!!!
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Just had 2 surgeries and I was a super patient both times...never bugged the nurse, did everything for myself. Well, except.....

    I did get a little assertive the first hospitalization though. They only had a semiprivate room (no privates) and they put me in with an elderly woman with...you guessed it...dementia. She hallucinated and called out all night. I finally called the nurse and said,"Look, either knock her out or knock ME out...something has to give here"

    She gave me a sleeper and her a Haldol and I managed to get a little sleep...which was all I asked for. I also made the point that this was a medsurg floor and there HAD to be another LOL with dementia here somewhere to pair up...why put a young postop in here?

    So I guess that wasn't being good, eh?
  9. by   capgirl
    OBNURSEHEATHER - ok, I made a mental note....HAHAHA That was a good one.
    I am the nurse-mother from hell, both with my own children and with the summer campers whom I have to accompany to the er when injured. I always make suggestions for pain relief, treatment options, etc.
    I am not sure it is always appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   pappyRN
    Most of the time I try to keep it from the staff that I am a nurse but usually when they start to do the H&P and med list it becomes a dead giveaway that I have some knowledge. I usually end up spelling a lot of things for them, also.
    I have been in the hospital 11 times in the last 7 years for various thinfs but almost all involving terrible pain. I try to be kind but it really feels like forever when you ask for a pain med and 30 minutes later it still hasn't arrived.
    I unplug my IV pump, disconnect the pulse oximeter, and somehow make it to the bathroom without asking for permission or help. I hate bedpans and bedside commodes. Never fails all the roomates or my visitors show up when all you want to do is get some relief, ALONE!!!
    I hate when nurses assume you know everything sbout everything. It's been ages since I've done any med-surg or any kind of nursing for adults- approx 28 yrs so I don't know adult meds very well.
    For the most part the nursing staff is always very nice and I feel a camaraderie and they make a lot of exceptions and concessions. The best nursing care I ever received was at The Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health on the Neuroscience floor. They have an absolutely fabulous staff. The amount of respect they show to patients is phenominal!
    EXCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't mess with the mother lioness RN when it comes to her beautiful first grandson, or her 4 children. LOOK OUT. HERE SHE COMES!!! What is with that horrible sense of "I'll get you if you don't take care of them right?" What a powerful instinct. It's almost scary.
    Warm regards,
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Thanks for replying! It was great getting to know you in a different "light".

    I must add during my hospital stay (out-patient) for surgey last month, I had the most wonderful, caring nurses, CRNA and receptionist and doctor. I shall never forget them! The Recovery room nurse was so caring, it was enough to make you cry and my pre-op nurse came to see me during my post-op phase. She made my day to check on me, becasuse I was lonely and afraid.

    But, God was there all the time!
  12. by   sandstormsdust
    I am a horribly terrible patient.

    I never ask for anything, am to ashamed to admit I need help and refuse to hinder the nurses even if I am withered up in a ball turning green... and when they finely stick a needle in my bottom - I'm always saying "thank you so much" "U didn't have to" "I wish I could make you job alittle easier" and as they go back and forth I'm lying/sitting there saying "I'm so sorry" "I know I'm a bother..." "U most be so busy"...

    When I was a pt the last time... I would have gone totally with out meds except my sister came in every so often to say "Give her meds she's lying in a puddle of tears in there - she's in pain"...... Then when I had my baby - the doc told me that the sooner I got the epi in the sooner I could go to sleep... I refused until my ex told me the sooner they got it in there - the sooner the nurses would be able to go on with there other tasks....

    I hate bothering you guys..... so much
  13. by   emrettig
    I am one of the finest patients in the world when I am in the hospital. I try to be accomadating...learned about the joy of PCA pumps with an ankle frx 3 1/2 years ago. This past year I was hospitalized for surgery twice and I only have one serious complaint. I needed a mag jump in addition to my regular IV. The night nurse put the pump with the Mag on one side of my bed, and the regular IV & pump on the other. Then she left me without a bedpan near by. I felt incredibly abandoned. I messed the bed (either the call button had fallen on the floor or they never answered). I wanted to cry and scream at the same time. I did mention it to the charge nurse the next morning.
    The only other frightening experience was when I had the ORIF on the ankle frx. That first night as I was laying in a morphine fog I heard the fire drill code...then I heard someone say it wasn't a drill, and it was on the floor I was on...I was terrified because I could not picture how I would be evacuated since I was a fresh post op, non weightbearing and over 250 pounds. I did tell the morning crew about what I overheard (no I wasn't hallucinating) and the nurse who made the comment was fired. Thank God for that one.
    I always try to be patient and friendly since I am in a bad class of pt. Not only am I a nurse but I am a doc's wife

    Keep the Faith,