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  1. I am attempting to do research on female salaries to prove how they are still underpaid in virtually all sectors of the workplace and many places I ask, I get the old "it's none of your business" type of answers. Does anybody here know where I can find out female salaries in any field in an attempt to document that such "unfairness" still exists (sadly) in this day and age?
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    Here's some information from an article in "Outlook" ( published by the American Association of university Women)

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau Population Survey in March 2001, the average salary for men in this country is $37,339 and the average salary for women is $27,355 (73%)

    In addition, the National Committee on Pay Equity and "Working Woman" (July/August 2001) lists these statistics:

    Pediatrician: Men $138,174 Women $116,331

    Secretary: Men $32,400 Women $22,500

    Software Engineer: Men $57,799 Women $47,143

    Lawyer: Men $125,000 Women $99,400

    Nurse: Men $44,500 Women $39,100

    They point out that women in female dominated professions confront a different kind of discrimination. Jobs traditionally held by women pay less than jobs traditionally held by men-even when the positions require the same or comparable education, skills, and responsibilities. And the pay gap increases with age. Women are more vulnerable to poverty in retirement, according to OWL (The Voice of Midlife and Older Women)
  4. by   donmurray
    I don't have yhe statistics, but the UK position is brodly similar at around 80% difference, despite 20 years of equal pay legislation.
  5. by   fergus51
    According to Canadian stats women make 72 cents on the dollar for men and women earn an average of 9 000$ less than men who are visible minorities.
  6. by   essarge
    I just researched the pay for NP's and this is the amounts that statistics showed for 1999. Men-$62,680 and women $58,120. Pretty sad isn't it?
  7. by   seven
    that whole thing about female nurses earning less than male nurse chaps my butt!

    i first read about this in my intro soci book (am a nsg student)and was utterly shocked...even more shocked when the majority of my fellow nsg students didn't seem that suprised or upset...

    does anybody have a remotely rational explantation to describe this oddness?
  8. by   thisnurse
    seven...its not odd. unfortunately, its the way of the world.
    its still a mans world. thats why i think that males entering nursing is the best thing that could happen to our profession. it will raise our pay rate.
    sad but true.
  9. by   PButler
    I can't comment on the other professions salaries but I don't know of any male nurses that make more $$ than females without working more overtime. Every hospital I have worked in pays based on credentials and years of experience, regardless of sex. The only way to make more than a nurse with the same credentials is to work more hours or have another job.
    I am also weary of the "statistics" that are quoted. Are these good studies with large samples or the result of a question posed to only a few people.
    I am sure that those discrepencies do exist in many professions...which is sad and should not be...but most nurses are paid by the hour based on their resume. As a male nurse, the only way I could make thousands of dollars more than my equally qualified female coworkers is to work my butt off. Maybe the difference, such as in my own case, is that the male nurse may be the main breadwinner of the family and must therefore work extra hours to make up for our pathetic salaries. If there is truely discrimination of salaries based on sex, then people need to speak up and make a change.
  10. by   nurs4kids
    I agree with you completely. I wonder if the statistics considered the # of hours worked? If a man makes more, it's because he has the ballz to speak up and demand more on the initial interview. Most of the guys here DO work more hours than the women; hence make more. As for hourly salary, we're all the same depending on experience and education. The only thing in nursing that I see is easier for men is the way docs interact with men vs women..but that's a whole different topic.
  11. by   essarge
    The statistics that I quoted were from this site


    They are also getting ready to post the new survey soon.
  12. by   fergus51
    Mine are from Statistics Canada which gets stats from the census and other polling. I consider it pretty reliable. The stats are made for males and females working full time (so the hours are the same). The discreptancies seem to come from the fact that women's traditional jobs like waitressing and secretaries and sales people aren't very well paid, whereas a lot of men's work which involves no real education but a lot of manual work is very well paying (a janitor in the hospital is making 18$ an hour when a nurse starts at 22 after 4 years of school). Seems like a hangover from the "men need more money because they have to support a family" days.

    Could the difference in nurses salaries be because there are more men on average in management positions?
  13. by   nurs4kids
    could very well be, tracy. Lower salaries, like most problems in nursing, are probably caused by SEVERAL different things.
  14. by   monyresearch
    Well, those figures are great but as it seems clear from some of the posts that some institutions are unionized or simply do recognize the wrongness of this and do pay equally and others simply just don't. So the only way to get something done about it seems to be by proving it about those placing doing it so maybe those who want to try to get something through legistation should e mail me with their details and how they know for a fact that they are being paid less then their male counterparts. OK? Sorry to those females here that have already posted their salary details on the "How much do you make" thread, I just found these boards so any data you would be willing to provide for me on this would be much appreciated. ("Nursedora" already kindly has so thanks to you we are on our way with this thing!) Thanks!