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My family was at a 4th of July picnic today. I was eating my lunch when my 11 year old son came ,screaming and crying, into the building. His head, shirt and arms were covered in blood. I yelled out... Read More

  1. by   michelle95
    The rules fly out the window when it's a family member
    Yes, and training goes out the window as well.

    Me? If I see blood coming from my child or hubby...I'm out on the floor. But, if it's a patient, that's different.

    I remember once I had to do the heimlich on my first and could not remember exactly how for the life of me...I was also 8 months pregnant with the second one. I just got on my knees and did it like I would have an adult. He did fine.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You'll be ok.
  2. by   Tweety
    You did fine. It was your child, and there was blood everywhere, so give yourself a break.
  3. by   jkaee
    I experienced a similar situation with my then 9 year old daughter. She was running around on the sidewalk leading up to our doorway and tripped and fell. I didn't think much of it, kids fall, but then she didn't move for a little while and all of a sudden started screming, "I can't move, I can't move!!!" My husband brought her into the house, and I started looking her over. She wasn't crying, but just sqiurming and acting wierd, when I noticed a HUGE egg on her forehead. I just flipped, running around, getting ice, saying, "OH MY GOD her head!!" Now, I work LTC, and if I've seen one goose egg I've seen them all, and lacs and bruises from falls are routine for me. But when it was my daughter, all of that calm went out the window. I eventually took her to the ER, because she kept falling asleep (or trying to, I wouldn't let her), but it turned out to be a mild concussion. My husband was surprised that I, an experienced nurse, would flip out like that, but remember for yourself what I told him, "I'm a mother first, a nurse second, and all the training in the world flies out the window when it comes to your kids."

    You did what any nurse-mommy would do, don't be so hard on yourself.

    Take care!
  4. by   moia
    I had a whopper...my three year old got the top of her foot stuck under the door when I opened it....complete awful crazy screaming panic......open the door more or close it? pull the foot out or what? aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    She was screaming I was screaming...my husband closed the door...put her foot in the sink and ran some cold water over it..gave her a popsicle and sent her on her way........
    his comment...you sure about this nurse thing?

    I have always been like that with both of them...a stranger..no problem...baffles my husband completely but he doesn't get the fact that patients are strangers...what happens to a patient doesn't impact my life in any truly longstanding meaningful way...unless I make some horrible mistake and since so far I have been okay.....family just means more....the ramifications of failure with a loved one are too appaling to consider...so freak out happens.
  5. by   unknown99
    just remember, first a mother, then a nurse.
  6. by   QuilterLPN
    Okay, I've been a lurker for quite a while, but I had to add my two cents! While I was in the process of completing my pre-req's and applying to nursing school, my husband had an "episode". He started breaking out in hives, and progressed to passing out in the space of about 15-20 minutes. Okay, so most people here would recognize that immediately, especially if he had just taken medicine of some nature. But I didn't know what the heck was going on, trying to get kids in the car so I could take him the the ER. I started to cry, kids were crying, and when it looked like he would have seizure in the front seat of the car I realized that I really needed an ambulance. In the end, he was fine, I should have called for the ambulance first thing, instead of trying to get him to the ER. It was an anaphylactic reaction to a drug, and now he has an EPI pen, and he won't be taking any more of that drug. But later I wondered, how can I be a good nurse and keep my cool? And I believe that education, and experience are the keys to feeling more in control in that kind of situation. I'm sure you'll do fine!
  7. by   OneRN
    When I was in level 1 of nursing school. A neighborhood kid had a bleeding nose. I told him to put his head back and hold his nose closed and then walked him home. On the way, a ten-year old told me that the kid should keep his head forward so he wouldn't choke. I used my adult status to correct him. Turns out the ten-year old was right. Oh well. Next time, I'll tell someone to keep their head forward.

    Next time, don't panic. And you probably won't because you've been through it now. Next time don't panic, and next time I'll tell the pt to put their head forward instead of back. We only learn by making mistakes.
  8. by   CHATSDALE
    I Cared For Pts With Iv Etc But When I Went Into A Recovery Room Where My Son Was After A Diviated Septum I Almost Fainted To See Him Unconcious With Iv In Arm And I Knew What To Expect When I Walked In....you Will Be Fine And I Am Glad To See That Your Son Will Be Also
  9. by   Destinystar
    isn't it alarming how much superficial wounds bleed? i learned that one a long time ago. the site of blood is a red flag that a human might be in seriouse trouble. no one knows for sure when someone is bleeding where the blood is coming from or the amount of blood loss, or if the bleeding will stop. better to error on the side of over reacting. at least you summoned help and help arrived and your son had a positive out come.
    Quote from lisamc1
    my family was at a 4th of july picnic today. i was eating my lunch when my 11 year old son came ,screaming and crying, into the building. his head, shirt and arms were covered in blood. i yelled out "oh my god!" and ran to him, totally panicking. i couldn't think of what to do at all! all i could think is that he was hurt and for someone to call 911, which someone did. there was so much blood everywhere! thankfully, there was an rn and a paramedic among the guest and they came over immediately and began to help me. we found a puncture wound, which we rinsed off. by this time, the ambulance had arrived. (it only took about 5 minutes for them to get there.) they put my son and me into the ambulance and took us to the hospital. he got 5 stitches for an inch long wound. he is ok, even though he is still upset with the 8 year old boy who decided to hit him with a broomstick. we are all calmed down from the excitement, but i am still upset every time i analyze my own behaviour. i was completely paralyzed until the nurse and paramedic came to help me. i just could not think! i am beginning to wonder if this is the way i will react in every situation, or if there is an exception when it's your own child? i'm very upset with myself. i wished i had kept my cool. i am worried that i will make an awful nurse now!

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