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  1. Hello to my favorite group of people! I just wanted to share what's been going on in my little crazy life. I started my new job @ sears optical. i have to do filing, answer phones, schudule appointments, check insurances, and other office stuff. The pay is horrible but i was thinking it would be ok for the time being. Also my friend fron cna class called me and referred me to an agency, she says she makes$12/hr on weekdays and $14/hr on weekends, they made her schuduke to accomadate her and gave her a consistent schudule. I think im gonna check it out. i wanna work @ the agency and sears but im not sure. they only bad thing about sears is the pay is only $7/hr and i work about 4days/wk, it takes me 3hrs to travel and i only work 3 or 4 hour shifts. i was thinking to stay at sears because i know agencies arent consistant, i want to do agency work maybe on the weekend. well i know this is long, i apologize.i hope i will make the right choice. as usual i welcome all advice. Oh yeah i start my new classes today in about 3hrs! Thanks for letting me share
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  3. by   rnnurse2b
    Im so glad that things are starting to get better for you!!
  4. by   Jay Levan
    Hello, glad to see that you are weighing your options. I am an R.N. 30yrs worth. Worked traditional for the first 3-4 years, then went agency, and never looked back. You are correct that there WAS much inconsistency for the majority of that time, however being MALE and "Foot-loose and Fancy Free" I moved around the country quite a bit, had a great time meeting new people and gaining new experiences. Being an E.R. nurse and being in demand all over the country helped me a lot. The question I have for you is, "Is that 90 min. each way or 3 hours one way to work?? In Philly, I'm sure commuting is a bear. Even in Atlanta, I stayed in one town (Roswell) and worked more in Marrieta, about 20 miles away, and that took an hour and a half, each way, because of traffic. Same for you? Suggestion, find something a little closer for your main job and go for the Agency work as needed, or until you become comfortable with your Agency, in getting you all the work you need or want. Have a Great Day.
  5. by   ava'smomRN
    Update!!! I jus recieved my final grade for phlebotomy. I got a B!! Also I did go to the agency, and from what I observed and learnde they seem pretty consistant, but im no getting my hopes up high. They asks me if i coulde start this weekend and I am. They really were helpful about my schdule, I basicaaly madde it up. And the other good nes is I can now officially sign my dual admissions paper!!!! Of course when thngs are going so well something bad happens. I was dropped from my current classes because i didnt have any financial aid left from the fall and spring semesters, but i went to the fin aid dept. and hey said if i filled out the paperwork for a loan via the internet and elecronically signed it, i could give it to then tomorrow and go to classs. Thank God for technology. I hpe all is well for everyone. BYe
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    You rock!!!! glad to see you "perservere" so. Keep it up! You are going places!
  7. by   Tweety
    Woot! Good luck in all you do!!!!!
  8. by   funnygirl_rn
    Good for you Miss JKM!! Yea!!
  9. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Congrats! Keep it up and you will go far!
  10. by   ava'smomRN
    As you all can probaly tell my life is a rollercoaster. Sut back, grab a snack this is a llong one! Tuesday I went to the interview for the agency job. I got the job, start this weekend, $14/hr plus van service. Later on in the day i check my roster to see if fin aid paid for my classes bcasue i was expecting a frefund check, turns out i didn have any fin aid left. I had to wait in the fin aid line for hour and half just to hear I didnt have any money and i was dropped from my classes. So i says its not that bad and i took out loan. Mind you I missed class tuesday. Ok now i is wednesday I get up extra early to hopefully handle business and to class @11. Didnt happen, I had to wait in the fin aid line for an hour just to hear that hey cannot except my loan until i have a roster, ok i said regisration is right there i will jus get the roster and that should be it. wrong again! registration tells me i need my teachers signature. Its 9 am I cant get to my teacher until 1220 and i sill had to wait in the fin aid line agin. I get the teachers signatures and by he way my staisic teachers says study the first two chapters, do the homework, we have a quiz tomorrow. By his time Im in tears. Luckly I bought my books, so while in the fin aid line i read the chapters did a little homework and about an hour later my fin aid situation is settled. Ahhhhh For the rest of the day I try t complete my statisics homework. Now today I get to school early to finish my statistc homework and try to read three chapters of pysc. Didnt get done. OK back to the rollercoaster, everything was fine, im relaxed and cant wait to go to class, then i go to the bathroom and im bleeding as if i had my period, but i just remebered my period was JUN22, SO that was wrong.I wasnt prepared, and i began to panick and worry. I was about to go to ER but then i assumed that since i messed up my birth control it probably had something to do with that. So I decide to go buy something to take care of the situation, called my NP, filled her in and she said I should be fine because i was a normal side effect and if it got worse let her know and go to the ER. Now I am OK again I go to class and enjoy it, especially statistics. I have a great professor and classmates. I felt really good because by doing my homework and sudying i was inline wih the class. We did a whole chapter in class, it got a little tough, but it was fun when i finally relized that I COULD DO THIS. Turns out the quiz is take home and i have to email it o my professor by ssunday! Whew, I had to share, I know I got kinda personal Bu, you all feel like family Have a Great night! I have about 4hours of work to do.
  11. by   peaceful2100
    Miss JKM, I have been following your post for a while now and I am SO proud of you. Girl, you are dedicated and that will take you very far in life for as long as you are willing to remain dedicated, motivated and work really hard to get to the point where you want to be.

    When you have bad moments think of all the good moments you have had so far and all the things you have worked so hard. That is what helps get you through those bad moments. I know.

    You and I sound so much alike in so many ways.