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Here is my dilemma. I left my worker's comp case management job in January b/c I could not take the traveling, esp to unsafe cities at night, etc... Since I had never resigned my Home Health job,... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Glad to hear you've come to some sort of decision.

    (Tell them to call me, I'll take that job, sounds wonderful!)
  2. by   hoolahan
    If you can get to south jersey pm me and I'll tell you where it was!
  3. by   Tweety
    Jersey???? Sorry, it has to be south of the Mason-Dixon line.

    Just kidding. I would never ever leave Florida. But it did sound too good to be true.
  4. by   ziggyRn
    What about having someone at home,to 'babysit' or even to pick up from school to mind until you or hubby get home. That way the supervision thing and the dog are taken care of.
    Teenagers might not like it...but hopefully they will see the positive...happy mum, job with bennies etc.
    ?If the 'babysitter' were a [responsible] college student, then they should be OK.
    or a local single mother in need of some income.
  5. by   LoisJean
    Now, Hoolie! You know that you really need to get serious about your own agency! Deep down in that sweet heart of yours is a self employed nurse just waiting to happen!

    Good decision--good for you and good for your daughter.

    Lois Jean
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    I wish for you to have a wize decision and rightous way to y0ur goals. You are a great person, but I have little/no knowledge about agencies or the like. Best to you.
  7. by   Q.
    Hi Mario. Just wanted to say it's good to see you posting.
  8. by   hoolahan
    Lois, you are haunting my thoughts! I AM still giving it very serious thought. Did you get my e-mail? I told you how excited I am about the upcoming video release!!! Can't wait, I am serious!

    No, a "babysitter" for a 14 & 16 yr old is going ot go over like a lead balloon. I don't have enough strength in me to fight that fight!

    Thank you Mario, and yes, it is noce to see you popping in!
  9. by   CVnurse08
    I am a 15-yr. old and I thought that you might like a teenager's opinion. Now I know that you are probably thinking that I am going to side with your daughter and tell you to take the job just because I am a teenager but that is not neccessarily the case. I think it all depends on how much you trust your daughter. My best friend and I are homeschooled and my best friend's mom works as a full time pediatric home health RN. She is gone all day ( 7:30 - 3:30 ) while we are home by ourselves at her house. We have had this situation for 4 yrs. and it has always worked out fine. She truly trusts us and has good reason too. We encourage each other and wouldn't even think of getting into any trouble. So maybe it can work out that one of your daughter's friends that you trust can come home with your daughter for that hour and a half. It has really helped my friend and I to have each other there. Just thought you might welcome my insight. I hope it works out ok.
  10. by   leeca
    l don't know if this will help. but l have just graduated and started in the work force, l'm doing casual.

    l have two children, younger than yours, that at the moment if l have to work end up home alone after school, while they wait for their dad to get home as there is a bit of a laspe between me leaving for work and him getting home.

    So far so good, but l'm not completely comfortable with the idea myself, so l ring them a couple of times from work just to check on them. Have you thought about ringing her from work just to check on things. plus she knows she has to be home to answer it.

    Well l'm still trialing this but if its doesn't work out, l will get in a babysitter, you could do that too.

    But then some of the babysitters l get from time to time are usually about 14 years old, so maybe you should give her a bit more responsibility and see how she handles it, as l am with my daughter and as l said she is younger than yours.

    l also had the gut feelings you are having but l think that is because l was always there when my children get home from school, but l'm finding that they have been unfounded.

    l still worry about the kids when l go to work, but l think l will no matter how old they are, part of being a parent.

    Also stick contact numbers for you and your husband near the phone so she can contact you if need be.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. by   Mattigan
    I just saw this and was going to say go with your gut- family first always but I read where you already did that. There will be other jobs when your kids are gone and you will really need the challenge of change then because you will miss them so much. Empty nest is a killer.

    Oh and on the doggie bladder issue. I had that problem when I started to do 12's and longers again. Mattie refuses to hold anything but she is good about going on a "home alone" blue pad by side door. Sheby will be fine when the time comes.
  12. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Hooly: FWIW, I think you made the right choice. I, too, have been accused of "job-Jumping". I rationalize that it is because I am , <ahem>, "older" and don't want to pass up opportunities that come my way. I am changing jobs again but it is within the same institution. And I truly think it will stick.

    You sound like me....always looking for that "perfect" job. Does it even exist?

    But your kids will only be young once. You need to know (when they are all grown up) that you did everything your gut told you was right for their well-being. Then when they grow-up and screw-up, you can't blame yourself! :chuckle (But you will blame yourself anyway! <sigh>
  13. by   hoolahan
    THanks again for everyone's input. I love it that we can share this as nurses, parents, children of nurses, etc...

    Wannabe... I wanted to address this to you and also to thank you for your perspective. I was giving this a lot of thought today in fact, reflecting on what someone else said about letting my dtr be in the position to make a decision, maybe even a bad one.

    She is not a bad kid. But she does do some things that make me crazy, like burn candles when I am not home, forget to blow them out when she leaves the house. It may seem small, but if this house caught fire, that would be HUGE!! So, I need to be able to trust that she will follow the little rules, before I trusther with being home and wanting to leave the house w this one or that one. Just the other day she "missed the bus" again, and "had to walk home w so and so." It isn't so much that I would have a huge problem w that, but if I am so far from home, then she pretty much knows, if she wanted to, she could pull that stunt every day of the week. I just don't want to put her, or myself , in that position. It wouldn't do very well for me to be sitting in an office somewhere 45 min away and not able to reach her, esp if she "forgets' to turn on the cell phone I got her. Iwould wonder did she miss the bus? Is that creep around just waiting for a girl to be walking alone home, taking her picture? Or worse? Not sure if she is justa ditzy blonde sometimes, or this is deliberate, b/c in every other way she is a GOOD kid, just not a very responsible kid.

    Your mom is lucky, you are responsible, and so is your friend. Maybe I can send Kristy over to work w you guys?? LOL! Thank you for sharing, it is good to hear your take on this.