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I was watching the Discovery Health Channel and got to wondering, How many of us who are in the medical field watch this channel and what is your favorite DHC program. My favorite programs are: ... Read More

  1. by   Humbled_Nurse
    I love that channel as well. I love Babies: Special Delivery or anything related to sick/premature baby stuff. I do also enjoy Diagnosis Unknown, Medical Incredible, and Impact: Stories of Survival. I also enjoy any show about new doctors and their experiences.

    The thing that I hate is all the shows seem to be reruns. I haven't seen a new episode of Babies: Special Delivery in a long time. I find myself really not watching Discovery Health that much any more, because of all the reruns.
  2. by   Hoozdo
    I TIVO a LOT of medical shows:
    Venom ER - have seen every episode
    Dr. G Medical Examiner - have seen every episode, all time fav
    Diagnosis Unknown - have seen every episode (kind of kills the spontaniety if you read the synopsis of the show - DIAGNOSIS KNOWN, lol)
    Critical Hour - have seen every episode
    Paramedics - every episode
    Untold Stories of the ER - every episode, sometimes LOL funny
    Special Delivery - watched very intently during OB rotation during school
    Intervention - every episode

    These shows are spread among A&E, DHC, and TLC. I usually watch about an hour of TIVO before going to sleep.
  3. by   Markthemalenurse
    Anyone else have any favorite shows on DHC?????
  4. by   iHeartNICU
    Oh my gosh, I love that channel. That's the first thing I turn to when I turn on the TV. I really like almost all the shows but like a previous poster said, there are a lot of reruns. Anyways, my favorites are Untold Stories of the ER, Impact: Stories of Survival, Critical Hour, and Diagnosis Unknown. Good to know I'm not the only one who can watch anything while eating. Haha. My family thinks I'm crazy.
  5. by   fleur-de-lis
    I love them all, but especially any show with Dr. Drew Pensky or Dr. Mehmet Oz. Both prove that smart IS sexy!
  6. by   IndyGal
    Quote from Hoozdo
    I TIVO a LOT of medical shows:
    Venom ER - have seen every episode
    Oh, I *love* Venom ER!
  7. by   Megsd
    Quote from mom2bears
    it's funny you mentioned your husband getting grossed out. i don't want to hijack the thread here, but i can watch any health surgery blood guts whatever related show while we are eating dinner whenever. my dh on the other hand can not. where i simply can not watch any type of animal show while i am eating. i don't care if its blood and guts animal or simply just a basic animal show i can't watch it while i am eating.
    any how back to the original topic i absolutely love discovery health i also like to watch a lot of the programs on tlc. the one that i thought was interesting the other day was about a female body builder. wow! i really like critical hour, trauma life in the er, dr. g medical examininer, skeleton stories and on court tv i like forensic files and the one with dale hineman the female profiler. (can you tell i'm into forensics?)
    i'm very lucky in this regard. my so is a firefighter/paramedic and loves all this stuff too! sometimes we eat out by the tv and always turn on the gross shows to watch.

    i love dr. g, the critical hour, medical incredible, mystery diagnosis, trauma: life in the er, sometimes the plastic surgery show (i prefer the reconstructive stuff to implants and facelifts), and some of the specials (like the boy whose skin fell off, the kids with progeria, etc.)
  8. by   Megsd
    Quote from RealNurseWitch
    The one thing I don't like about DHC is that it seems like they have a lot of shows like "The 1000 Pound Man" and "The Baby With Two Heads" and "I Am My Own Grandma" and... well, just a lot of shows about people with these freakish diagnoses and disorders, and what purpose do they serve other than satisfying our curiousity and getting ratings for the channel?
    Eh, I don't know. I agree that they can be considered exploitative (I admit it, I do sit there and go "That's so COOL!!!"), but when I watch them, I am often inspired by the profiled individuals' strength and perseverance. I enjoy hearing their perspective on life, how they adjust to life with their condition, how other people interact with them, what their goals and aspirations are, the struggles of the parents. I think people, even myself, can lose perspective on what's really important in life, and hearing their point of view every once in a while grounds me and reminds me what's really important in life.
  9. by   praeclarus
    Diagnosis: Unknown
    Surgery Before and After
    Real Life Trauma
  10. by   phoenix72
    I'm totally addicted to Discovery Health. I couldn't begin to name my favorite as they are all great for different reasons. I'm very fond of Birth Day and Special Delivery, but also enjoy Critical Hour, Dr. G, Trauma in the ER, jeez...this could turn out to be a long post.

  11. by   HannasMom
    I enjoy Real Life Trauma in the ER, I really like "Little People Big World," but I think this comes on TLC, not Discovery Health, I watch it every Saturday. The family lives here in Oregon. I also like Critical Hour, Code Blue and the old program reruns of "Chicago Hope". I was surprised to see this on Discovery Health, but it comes on late at night.
  12. by   HannasMom
    The "Baby With Two Heads", freaked out my 20 year old son. He said to me "Gee Mom what the @*#! are you watching! That's so gross!" At least I got to watch it in peace. LOL. Yet, it was hard to watch at first, then I had to watch it to the end to see how it turned out.
  13. by   nrsang97
    I have always loved Trauma: Life in the ER. I also like Paramedics, Dr.G Medical Examiner, Diagnosis Unknown, Critical Hour, Code Blue, Untold stories of the ER.

    I am not a fan of all the baby shows, Special Delivery and ETC, They are so UNrealistic. Just my 2cents worth.